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Chapter 18: Be ready for Global Transformation

People don’t know what peace is. How can you be peaceful with anybody? First you have to be peaceful with yourself. And if you are not peaceful with yourself, how can you be peaceful with me or anybody else?

We are already peaceful; we are not creating any trouble for anybody. We are not in any way unkind to anybody. The neighbors have to learn how to be peaceful with themselves. The question of being peaceful with your neighbors arises only because you are not peaceful, your neighbor is not peaceful - or perhaps one is peaceful, the other is not peaceful - so it is not a question of agreement, that “We will live peacefully together.” If I am peaceful and you are peaceful, we live peacefully, without any declaration about peace.

If you see the history of man, you can divide it into periods of war and periods of peace. But when you see a period of peace, it simply means a preparation for a new war. It is not peace; it is just on the surface. The enemies were exhausted in one war, now they are preparing peacefully for the second war. Now the world is at peace, there is no war, but you can’t see any peace anywhere. Everywhere there is fear of war looming on the horizon. Any moment it can explode.

Do you call this peace? Peace cannot exist between two wars; it is not the gap between two wars. Any gap between two wars is simply cold war - simply preparation for another war, and time is needed so the fighting stops. There will be peace only when after a war there is no other war. Not between two wars, but after one war, and the next war never comes - that is peace.

And my understanding about peacefulness is that it is not a question of being peaceful with anybody. The basic question is being at peace with yourself. Out of that, peace arises for everybody. So whosoever is ready to receive it, whosoever is ready to synchronize with your peace, there is immediately a meeting point, a merging and the fragrance of friendship.

I don’t want the peace of a cemetery. Of course, there is a peace in a cemetery, too. All the graves are silent - no fight, no struggle, no quarrel. I want the peace of a garden in the early morning when birds are singing, flowers are opening, the sun is rising. There is music in it; it is not without sound. There are sounds, but the sounds and the silences together create peace.

I love peace, but it is not a political strategy. The question was political; hence, I immediately replied, “Never.” We are peaceful, the neighbors should be peaceful. And two parties who are peaceful in themselves cannot create any hostility. There is no question of being peaceful with somebody. The basic question is about being peaceful, and we are peaceful. Our peace is not addressed to somebody, is not related to somebody. Our peace is our own experience. Our peace is our life.

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