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Chapter 12: A Fellow Traveler

Rajiv Gandhi is just an amateur politician, knowing nothing about politics, and is going to be destructive. He is going to impose the same emergency that his mother did. All that he knows is his mother and he simply will be repeating what she has done.

So you foresee another emergency?

Another emergency, another assassination. And this time it is going to be worse than before.

Your statements about Mrs. Gandhi seem to suggest that you were on good terms with the Indian government when you left India.

I was with Indira Gandhi, not with the Indian government.

How did that work? What were the dynamics of that?

Because she was interested in my ideas, she was reading my books, and whenever I was passing through New Delhi she always tried to meet me and discuss with me. She always agreed with what I said to her but she said, “I know what you are saying is right, but I cannot do it.” Because this whole political game is so dirty that if you want to be at the top you have to follow the whole cunning, hypocritical style.

Were there problems between you and other ministers or departments of the Indian government?

Yes, I have been enemies with Morarji Desai for many lives.

Was that a key factor in your leaving India?

No, I remained in India until he was no longer the prime minister. I had made it a point that while he was the prime minister I was not going outside India, for the simple reason that I was hammering him every day, hitting him every day. I am not a politician, I am not a competitor to anybody, but I can’t see stupid things happening..

What was your quarrel with Desai?

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