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Chapter 6: Balancing Chakras.and Beyond

I have watched many Jaina monks: they continuously think about food. They believe in fasting, they do fasting, but they are continuously thinking about food - what to eat, what not to eat, how to eat, when to eat - their whole psychology is based on food. Food becomes too much of a problem. Hence, I don’t insist on fasting, I insist on love - and fasting comes as a shadow. If you are tremendously in love, one day you will find you don’t want to eat today. The love is so much, and you don’t want to destroy it. You are flowing so high, you don’t want to stuff yourself and bring yourself low.you don’t want to move on earth today. And the fasting comes naturally - you don’t think about it, you don’t take a vow about it, you don’t take a decision about it: suddenly you feel that higher food is available and the lower is not needed.and the fasting happens. Then fasting is beautiful.

The second chakra is related to the fifth. The second chakra is political - domination, domination over others - and the fifth chakra is spiritual power - domination over oneself. With the second chakra you try to overpower people, with the fifth you try to overpower yourself. With the second you try to conquer others, with the fifth you try to conquer yourself. With the second you become a politician, with the fifth you become a priest. And priests and politicians have always remained together: there is a conspiracy between the priest and the politician. The kings and the priests, the politicians and the popes - they are joined together. They may not be aware, but this is the basic cause behind it: the politician needs the support of the priest, and the priest feels somehow in tune with the politician, because both hanker for power - one over others, the other over oneself, but the goal is power.

Remember it. I would not like you to become a politician and I would not like you to become a priest either. In fact there is no need to dominate others and there is no need to dominate oneself. Domination as such should be dropped: one should simply be. The very idea to dominate is egoistic - whether you dominate others or yourself makes no difference. Have you not observed it? - a person who feels that he has great self-control becomes a great egoist. He goes on declaring that he has tremendous control over himself. His ego is strengthened - there is danger.

Domination as such has to be dropped. You should not become a priest. Become religious - don’t become a priest. To become religious is one thing, to become a priest is another. The priest by and by starts declaring that he not only has power over himself, he has power over God. The priest by and by starts declaring that he has power over spiritual forces, psychic forces, occult, esoteric.he becomes more and more obsessed with inner powers. But all power is an ego-trip.

Be aware of the second, and be aware of the fifth too: there are pitfalls, there are dangerous possibilities. And once a person becomes a priest he stops; his growth is no more going on. Once you have become a priest you are no more religious; your whole energy has become stagnant. The religious person is always flowing: from first to second, from second to third, from third to fourth, he is always flowing. Up to the seventh he knows no stopping - there is no station on the way. And with the seventh he also does not stop, because with the seventh he disappears.there is nobody to stop.

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