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Chapter 6: The Intelligent Way

Great masters like Lao Tzu, Chuang Tzu, Lieh Tzu, have called this “action without action.” You are not taking any action, yet something is happening. And when things happen on their own they have a beauty, because deep down there is freedom. If the person waved, if the person smiled - you were not asking him, he was totally free not to look at you, but there is a synchronicity between heart and heart.

Knowing that secret of synchronicity, I am introducing a totally new kind of revolution. Change yourself, and in that very change you have changed a part of the world. You are a part of the world. If your change is something that makes you rich, makes you joyous, makes you blissful, makes you a song, then it is difficult for others to resist singing with you, dancing with you, blossoming with you. A single individual can transform the whole world without ever mentioning the word transformation.

I started the journey alone. I have not knocked on anybody’s door to come with me, but strangely, people started coming, and the caravan started becoming bigger and bigger. They came on their own. If they have lived with me, that was their decision; if they want to leave there is no problem, they are as free as ever.

We have already started the world going into a new phase of human history. We are not aggressive, we are not trying to change the world. We are not even interested in the world; we are just living our life, enjoying our life - we are utterly selfish. Still, what has not happened in thousands of years is possible through us. But it will be action without action, a transformation which has not been intended, which has not been imposed. A transformation that has spread on its own and people have understood what it is, because, deep down, every heart speaks the same language.

It seems that politicians talk like priests, and priests act like politicians. Is there any separation between church and state?

They are not different people. They are the same type of people, with the same desire, the same lust for power. But they have chosen different areas.

The politician has chosen the mundane world. It has been an unspoken contract that they will not interfere in the religious realm, and they hope that religion will not interfere in their world. The contract has been good, and they are both trying to dominate humanity. One is concerned with the outside world, the other is concerned with the inside world. Their worlds don’t overlap, so there is no conflict. In fact, throughout history they have been supporting each other. The priest has been blessing the politicians, the politicians have been praising the priests.

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