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Chapter 42: Politics Is a Disease

Politics is a disease and it should be treated exactly like that. And it is more dangerous than cancer. If surgery is needed it should be done. But politics is basically dirty - and it has to be - because for one post thousands of people are hankering, longing; then naturally they will fight, they will kill, they will do anything.

Our whole program of the mind is so wrong that we have been programmed to be ambitious. And that’s where politics is. It is not only in the ordinary world of politics, it has even polluted your ordinary life.

Even a small child starts smiling at the mother, at the father - a bogus smile. He has no depth behind it, but he knows whenever he smiles he is rewarded. He has learned the first rule of being a politician. He is still in his cradle and you have taught him politics.

And then in human relationships there is politics everywhere.

Man has crippled woman. It is politics.

Women constitute half of humanity and man has no right to cripple them completely - but for centuries he has been crippling them. He has not allowed them education. He has not allowed them even to listen to the holy scriptures. In many religions he has not allowed them to enter the temple. Or, if he has allowed them, they have a separate section; they cannot stand with the man as equal even before God.

But the beginning is with God himself. You may not be aware, because ordinarily everybody has forgotten because Christians don’t mention it, Jews don’t mention it. Adam and Eve are emphasized as being the first man and woman; Adam is certainly the first man, but Eve is not the first woman. God made Adam and Lilith, and he made them equal - the same height, the same intelligence, the same strength, the same mind.

But gods of foolish people cannot be very wise. He made these two, but he could not make a double bed! He made a small bed, and the first night the problem arose of who is going to sleep on the bed and who is going to sleep on the floor. So the pillow fight is not new; it is as ancient as man - they started throwing things at each other. And both were equal physically, mentally.and the woman was not to be subdued and Adam had to sleep on the floor.

Seeing that all kinds of animals are looking through the windows at what is happening - and the woman was adamant, as she always is - she slept on the bed and poor Adam slept on the floor, but he was very angry. He went to God the next day and said, “This woman won’t do. It is too much trouble. Alone I was good. It was my fault that I told you, ‘I am alone; give me a companion.’

“What kind of a companion have you given to me? And couldn’t you have been a little more understanding: how will two persons sleep on a small bed? I need a woman who is not equal to me in any respect.”

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