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Chapter 19: Hell Hath No Fury like a Christian Scorned

It is only a person who is full of fear who becomes immediately angry. If he does not become angry then you will be able to see his fear. Anger is a cover-up. By being angry he is trying to make you afraid: before you get any idea of his fear, he is trying to make you afraid. Do you see the simple psychology of it? He does not want you to know that he is afraid. The only way is to make you afraid; then he is completely at ease. You are afraid, he is not afraid - and there is nothing to be afraid of in a man who is afraid.

Their anger is an effort to deceive themselves.

It has nothing to do with you.

And these people.. You ask me what Jesus has done to deserve these people. You ask me a wrong question. In fact, whatever Jesus has done, he deserves only these people. The problem is not these people. The problem is the people who have some intelligence and still are Christians. That is a miracle: having intelligence and yet being a Christian.

Perhaps these intellectuals who are still Christians are schizophrenic: their one part is intelligent and their other part is Christian. And they never meet, there is no communion between these two parts. When these Christians are in their lab as a scientist they function not as a Christian, remember, they function as an intelligent being.

But when they are out of the lab and praying in a church, don’t think that they are the same people. They are not the scientists, not the discoverers, they are not the intellectuals any more. They are just as retarded as these Bible-bashing Christians - no difference. Perhaps they are even more closed. They have a Berlin wall within their being, dividing themselves in two.

Galileo discovered that the earth moves around the sun. But he was a believing Christian, and when the pope told him that because it went against the Holy Bible he had to change it, Galileo said, “Of course. Whatever you say is my joy to do.” And now you can see how a person can be schizophrenic. He touched the feet, kissed the feet of the pope - Galileo, a man of tremendous intelligence! And this pope was just a third-rate mind who had never done anything intelligent. You would not have even known that he ever existed; it is only because of Galileo that his name is remembered. That’s all that he has done to be remembered.

But Galileo touching his feet, kissing his feet, asking his forgiveness.. And then he said, “I am going to do it. I will change that statement and I will correct it exactly according to the Bible: I will write that the sun goes around the earth. But beloved master, I can change the text, but neither the earth will listen to me, nor will the sun: the earth will still go around the sun.”

Do you see the schizophrenia? Galileo’s one side is kissing the feet of the pope. His other side reminds the pope that he can change his statement - that is not difficult, it is his book. Whatsoever Galileo wants to write, he can write. But what about the earth? What about all his experiments? What about his discovery which proved that the earth goes around the sun, not vice versa? In that one simple statement, Galileo’s split personality is clear. Perhaps the dividing wall was very thin. Perhaps there was a little corner where both sides used to meet, just like neighbors talking from the windows, the balconies, over the fences.

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