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Chapter 27: Existence Is Never Wrong

The whole past has become irrelevant; not only irrelevant, it is a hindrance too.

So rejoice in this generation gap. It is not an enmity with your parents, it is simply a new potential becoming actual.

The parents have lived for thousands of years with their popes and with their strong love, but humanity has not evolved. Out of that love there has been no growth.

Your love towards me is not towards me, your love is towards a total revolution, a rebellion. You are getting ready to drop everything that is old and to search again for a new identity for yourself, for all human beings.

The old man was simply a part of society. The new man will be an individual peak, not a cog in the wheel.

The old man was replaceable.

The new man will be unique and irreplaceable.

The old man lived according to rules, regulations, disciplines, scriptures, commandments, but he never lived spontaneously; it is always according to something, according to somebody else.

The new man is going to live spontaneously - without any rules, without any regulations, without anybody telling him how to live. He has to find his own way about everything; his life is going to be an adventure.

The old man’s life was a drag. It was sheer boredom. People were tired, utterly fed up, but they somehow managed to carry themselves to their graves. Their only hope was death. You have heard many times that people are afraid of death; you are wrong. The old man was waiting for death only because life was empty.

I am reminded of Alexander the Great. While he was coming to India, on the way he got information that in the desert there was an oasis, that if you drink the water from that oasis you become immortal.

That was the ancient man’s search - immortality.

Alexander was immensely interested. He stopped his forces and he went alone; he did not want everybody else to become immortal. The old man was very jealous; he was not sharing. Even such a beautiful phenomenon as becoming immortal, and Alexander could not invite his own people - who were ready to die for him - and say to them, “You also come with me and drink from that oasis and become immortal.” He did not take even his commander in chief, his prime minister, not even his bodyguard. He said, “You all stop here. I will go alone.”

The story is very beautiful and very significant. He reached the oasis, and he was immensely joyful that what great seers have always been searching for he had found without any search. And just as he was going to make a cup out of his hands to fill with water and drink, a crow who was sitting on the nearby tree said, “Wait a minute.” A crow speaking.?

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