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Chapter 2: No Sin, No Virtue

I don’t know Jesus through Christian theology, I know him directly. And my knowing is that he cannot talk in terms of sacrifice - the first thing, the very first. A man like Jesus does not talk in terms of sacrifice - it is celebration, not sacrifice. He is going to meet his God dancing, singing. It is not sacrifice, he is not a martyr. The Christian church tries to make him the greatest martyr, the greatest man who has sacrificed himself for the salvation of the world from the sins of man. In the first place it is not sacrifice - sacrifice looks business-like - it is celebration! Jesus is celebrating his life and his death.

Secondly, nobody can solve the problems of others, nobody can be the salvation of the world. And you can see it; the world is still the same. Twenty centuries have passed and Christian priests go on talking nonsense, that he sacrificed himself for the salvation of the world. But where is the salvation of the world? Either he failed, he could not manage - that they cannot accept, that he failed. Then what happened? The world seems to be exactly the same - nothing has changed. Humanity remains in the same misery. But Jesus cannot have said, “I have come for the salvation of the world.”

But it happens always when a church starts establishing itself, it has to create such ideas, otherwise who is going to listen to the priests? Jesus is salvation - not only that but the only salvation.

Just the other night I was looking at a book: Jesus, The Only Way. Why the only way? Is Buddha not a way? Is Lao Tzu not a way? Is Zarathustra not a way? Is Moses not a way? Is Mohammed not a way? There are infinite ways to reach God. Why make God so poor? - only one way?

But the Christian priest is not interested in God, he is interested in creating a business. He has to claim that Jesus is the only way, that all other ways are wrong. He is in search of customers.

That’s why every religion creates fascists and fanatics. Every religion claims, “My way is the only right way - only through me can you arrive at God. If you go on some other way you are destined for hell, you are doomed.” This is a fascist way of thinking and this creates fanatics. And all religious people are fanatics, and the world has suffered very much from this fanatical approach. It is time, the ripe time now, to drop all kinds of fascist and fanatical attitudes.

Jesus is a way, but the way has to be walked. The way can go on lying there, it is not going to help you. Just by being there, just by being crucified, Jesus cannot be the salvation of the world - otherwise it would have happened. Then what are we doing now? Then what are the priests doing now? What is the Pope doing now?

Just the other day somebody asked: “Osho, have you heard? The new Pope has done a miracle?”

Yes, I have heard; he has made a blind man lame. What else can these popes do? What are these popes doing now? The world’s salvation has happened. Now no religion is needed and no church is needed. Even Christ is not needed any more. The work is finished.

I have heard:

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