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Chapter 6: An Eternal Recurrence

If Vandana had cried great tears, if she had wept as she was feeling, if she had been true to her feeling, there would have been a meeting; then the laughter and the crying are not opposite because both are true. Only two truths can meet; only two truths can have a dialogue.

But she missed the point, as many of you would have missed. The logical mind says, “She is laughing, and if I cry then we will fall apart. Then how will there ever be a communion between us?” And then the mind said, “She is positive and you are negative.” That doesn’t matter. You can meet a positive person through your negativity. The only thing needed is the same earth of truth, the same ground of truth.

Positive and negative can meet. In fact, they meet beautifully. In fact, it happens sometimes that positive and positive cannot meet and negative and negative cannot meet, because they don’t have the pull of the opposite. There is a kind of homosexuality when positive and positive are there and when negative and negative are there. Meeting is more easy and more enriching when it is heterosexual. Laughter and crying can meet very beautifully. That is the meeting of man and woman, day and night, life and death.

You can ask the scientist, the physicist.he will say, “Only opposite poles meet. The positive repels the positive; the negative repels the negative. Only negative and positive meet.” If you bring two positive magnets close they will repel each other; if you bring one negative and one positive together they will join together in a marriage.

So the only thing needed is truth. Don’t be worried about the positive and the negative. Don’t listen to the logical mind, because the logical mind is absurd. Life is bigger than logic.

Just see.Vandana feeling like crying and crying and Satya laughing - both are true. Then there is a common ground, then they are moving in the same direction, then they can hold hands. Satya may go on laughing and Vandana may go on crying, but there will be a kind of marriage in that moment, there will be great communion in that moment - both are being true. Remember, it is only truth that connects. It is only truth that bridges.

Don’t be worried about the negative and the positive. The only thing that has to be remembered always is authenticity. All falsehood creates barriers.

The third question:

Why are people so fake?

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