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Chapter 14: Words from the Silences of Your Heart

It is not new. It is part of a strange human psychology. The positive person is humble; even to say something he feels embarrassed, because he knows that whatever he is going to say is not going to be up to the experience that he had. It is going to fall very short; hence the embarrassment.

But the negative person has no fear, no embarrassment. He has not experienced anything. And to deny or to lie, or to create a fiction, is sensational. The people who have been writing against me.all the publishers are eager to publish their books - without knowing what they are writing, all kinds of rubbish. And a few of my sannyasins who have been with me from the very beginning have written books just to answer those lies and allegations, with facts and figures, with solid arguments.

The publishers are not willing to publish them. They say there is no sensation in it. Lies have sensation; the truth is non-sensational. And the masses are interested in sensationalism, they are not interested in knowing the truth. Truth is simple and plain.

But this situation has to be reversed; there is a limit to everything. The positive people have to come out in the light, and tell with emphasis their own experiences and what they understand about me and my relationship to my people. Unless they come out and do it, they are in an indirect way helping the negative people. Because if those negative people are not contradicted, it becomes an argument in their favor - why are they not contradicted?

So I can understand, Sarito, that you have experiences to express but it is always bound to be something not absolutely the experience. It is going to be something far below. But still it will help people to understand both sides. The negative is articulate, but is meaningless; it is not going to help anybody. It can only prevent people from coming to me. And the people who are writing all those negative books and articles - they cannot help anybody either. So they are really public enemies.

The positive person has to come out so the negative people can be contradicted, and so that those who are in search of truth, in search of silence and peace, can feel a possibility: if they come here, maybe if it is happening to other people, it can happen to them also. You will be opening doors, and you will be giving invitations to new sannyasins, to new seekers.

So don’t keep it as a secret. Don’t enjoy it inside yourself; share it with as many people as possible, with all the news media, so that you can reach to the farthest corners of the world.

And the positive person has many problems which the negative does not have. First, the positive person starts thinking, “Perhaps my silence, my joy, my bliss, is just imagination.” The negative person has no problem; he knows exactly that it is imagination, there is no problem about it! The problem arises only to the positive person - because it is not imagination.

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