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Chapter 3: Ecstatic All the Way

It is implied in the statement as if love is some thing outside you and you have to follow it. In fact, when love is there you are not there; there is nobody to follow it. Love is overwhelming. Love is a dissolution of the ego. Who is there to follow? Who is there not to follow? If there is somebody still to follow or not to follow then it is not love, then it must be something else - maybe biology, chemistry, psychology, but not love. It must be instinctive; it must be lust parading as love, camouflaged as love. It must be something animal.

When love is there the lover is not; they can’t exist together. That is impossible, that is not in the nature of things - they cannot coexist. If the lover is there, love is not; if love is there, you will not find the lover anywhere. Then who is to follow? Who is to hear the call of love and who has to go with love? If somebody is there to follow then something is missing - something very basic and fundamental is missing.

The statement is beautiful, but it has not come out of meditativeness. It is a faraway echo; he has dreamed about it.

If you ask the Buddha he will say: “When love is there, you are not.” There is no way not to follow it, there is no way to go against it. You are it. But then you have to understand the multidimensionality of the phenomenon of love.

The lowest dimension is animal; ninety-nine percent of people never go beyond it. So when they hear words like this, “When love beckons to you, follow him,” they interpret it according to themselves.

In all the languages of the world we have this expression, falling in love; it is significant. Why falling in love - because for ninety-nine percent of people it really is a fall. They are going downward to the world of instincts, biology, physiology. They are being dominated by the hormones, by the glands, by their body chemistry. It is happening in animals, it is happening in the trees - it is nothing special, it is nothing human.

I will not say, “When your biology beckons to you, follow it.” I will say, “Watch, be aware, be alert,” because if you are not aware you are bound to be taken over, dominated by the lowest element in you, by the most peripheral in you. You will be dominated and guided by unconscious natural forces. That’s what is happening: in the name of love people are simply behaving like animals. It is a fall! But there are higher dimensions of love too.

The first kind of love appears as if it is coming from the outside. It really comes from the outside because it comes from the circumference and the center has to follow the circumference. The circumference is the outermost thing in you; it is outside you. At the deepest shrine of your being you are far away from the circumference. When love calls you forth that means it is coming from the periphery, somewhere from the outside.

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