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Chapter 10: The Zorba-Buddha Synthesis

Now, the question is about God and the answer is about meditation - it is utterly irrelevant. And the questioner was right to say, “Are you joking or something? I am asking about God and you write on the sand: meditation.”

And the master said, “That’s all that I can say, or that is allowed to say. You ask about the goal, I talk about the way, because the goal is incomprehensible - so mysterious, nothing can be said about it: I can simply sit in silence. If you have eyes to see, see! If you have ears to hear, hear! Hear my silence and the song that my silence is and the music that arises in it. If you cannot hear it, that simply shows you need meditation. So meditate.”

The man said, “Just this much - one word, meditation? Won’t you elaborate on it a little?”

He wrote again in bigger letters: meditation. That was his elaboration.

The man was puzzled and he said, “But you are simply repeating. Just writing it in bigger letters won’t help.”

So he wrote again in even bigger letters: meditation. He said, “Nothing more can be said about it. You will have to do it. You will have to be it.”

There is a kind of uncertainty when you don’t know, because how can you be certain when you don’t know? And there is a kind of uncertainty when you know, because how can you be certain about the ultimate? It is so vast - to be certain about it will make it small, to be certain about it will show that it is in your grasp, that it is in your fist. And God cannot be possessed; on the contrary, you have to be possessed by God.

Accept your no, accept your yes, and don’t think that they are opposites; they are not. Just as there can be no courage without danger, so there can be no faith without uncertainty, without doubt. Risk is part of the game that we are born to play. We must learn to lean on possibilities - not on certainties but on possibilities.

I can only say to you: God is possible. I can only say to you: yes is possible. Lean on the possibilities, don’t ask for certainties. Because you ask for certainties, you create authorities; out of your need to be certain you become victims of people who are stubborn, ignorant, but certain. Only parrots can be certain because they have ready-made answers. Pundits can be certain because pundits are nothing but parrots.

A real man of knowledge will help you to be silent: will help you to go through yes and through no, through faith and through doubt, through warmer moments and through cooler moments; will help you to go through days and nights, peaks and valleys, and will not teach any dogma, but will only teach you courage, adventure, quest.

Listening to your question, I remembered two stories.

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