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Chapter 33: Tommorrow Never Comes

While you are alive, be alive as totally and as intensely as possible. In fact, death should be an incentive to live. If there was no death, you could postpone living. Because of death, postponement is not possible. You have to live this very moment because you cannot be certain about the next moment. Whether the breath that is going out will come back or not is absolutely unpredictable, and not in your hands.

You are saying, “I feel inside me, when I listen to you speak, a deep longing for freedom arise.” Then what are you waiting for? Are you just satisfied with a deep longing for freedom to arise? On what grounds are you postponing it? Are you certain about tomorrow - have you not heard that tomorrow never comes?

Let your longing become your reality. Longing is always deep down a postponement - it means tomorrow.”I will awake, I will rise to my heights, but tomorrow. Right now I will enjoy the longing.” But such longings are impotent. And in the face of the uncertainty of whether you will be here tomorrow or not, all longings, all desires are dangerous, risky.

Don’t long for freedom, be free.

Who is preventing you except yourself?

It is a very strange phenomenon that man is crippled by himself. He has chained himself, he has made a prison for himself. And then he starts longing for freedom, then he starts dreaming of freedom. You say, “I feel like the tiger in the story awakening to its true nature.” No, that tiger has not felt anything awakening in him. He has just encountered the awakening - out of nowhere. The tiger was simply looking in the water, seeing the reflected face of the old tiger and his own. He simply gave a tremendous roar and the valleys resounded it. It was not a longing or a thinking or a feeling or a desire - “let us think about it, let us consult a few wiser people.” It was spontaneous, without a single thought. And that is the way to be awake.

Let your tiger explode into a wild roar. In that roar your false identity with a sheep will disappear, will be gone. It is not a decision by the mind, it is an outburst of the being itself.

You are saying, “I sense my potential for expansion.” How long have you been sensing it, and how long are you going to sense it? So much water has gone down the Ganges since you started sensing it. You are not new to me, you are one of my old sannyasins. Don’t waste time in unnecessary, meaningless exercises of the mind. The growth and expansion of your potential has to happen the moment you feel the opening of the dimension, the moment you are clear. Then there is nothing to be afraid of - you don’t have anything to lose.

What do you have to lose? What is your life? That is the most precious thing you have, but reduced to its elements what is it? The heart beating - that any plastic heart can do. The lungs breathing - any mechanical lungs can do it far better, more efficiently.

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