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Chapter 6: Politics and Love

If you start sacrificing man, then you are not helping. You are destroying, you are crippling the other. You are violent, you are a criminal. So all your so-called mahatmas who try to change the other are criminals. One can just love, help, be ready to give unconditionally.

Share your being, but let the other move towards his own destiny. The destiny is unknown; nobody knows what is going to flower. Don’t give a pattern, otherwise the flower will be crushed. And remember that each individual being is unique. There has never been such a being before and there is never going to be again. God never repeats. He is not repetitive, he goes on inventing. So if you are trying to make a man be like Jesus you will be being destructive, because Jesus can never be repeated again and there is no need. One is beautiful, many will just be boring.

Don’t try to make a man a Buddha. Let him become himself: that is his buddhahood. And neither you know, nor he knows, what he is carrying within himself. Only the future will show. Not only will you be surprised, he will be surprised when his flower opens. Everybody is carrying a flower of infinite potentiality and power, of infinite possibility.

Help, give energy, love. Accept the other and give him a feeling that he is welcome. Don’t give him a feeling of guilt, don’t give him the idea that he is condemned - because all those who are trying to change him give him a feeling of guilt, and guilt is poison.

Whenever somebody says, “Be like Jesus,” he has denied you as you are. Whenever somebody says to be like somebody else, you are not accepted, you are not welcome, you are like an intruder: “Unless you become somebody else, you will not be loved.” What type of love is this, which destroys you, and only when you become false, inauthentic.? Because you can only be authentically yourself: all else will be false, all else will be just masks, personalities, but not your essence. You can decorate yourself with the personality of Buddha, but it will never touch your heart. It will never be related to you, it will not be connected with you. It will just be on the outside: a face but never yours.

So whosoever is trying to make you somebody else and says, “I will love you if you become Buddha, Christ.” does not love you. He may be in love with Christ, but he hates you. And his love for Christ may also be not very deep, because if he has really loved Jesus, he would have understood the concrete uniqueness of every individual.

Love is a deep understanding. If you have loved one person, you have started a different quality of vision within you. Now you can see with a clarity. If you have loved Jesus, then whosoever comes before you, you will see the reality of this man - of this concrete human being, of this potentiality herenow - and you will love this man, you will help this man to become whatsoever he can become. You will not expect anything else. All expectation is condemning, all expectation is a denial, all expectation is a rejection. You will simply give your love - for no reward, for no result. You will simply help, with no future in mind.

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