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Chapter 7: Love: The Purest Power

But you have to understand again: by power I don’t mean power over others. Power over others is not love; power over others is pure hate, it is poison, it is destructive.

But to me, and to anyone who knows, love itself is power - and the greatest power, because there is nothing more creative than love. There is nothing more fulfilling than love, there is nothing more nourishing than love. When you are in love, all fears disappear, and when you become love yourself, even death becomes irrelevant.

Jesus is not very far away from the truth when he says, “God is love.” Certainly God is power, the greatest power. I want to improve upon Jesus: I don’t say God is love, I say love is God. To me God is only a symbol and love is a reality.

God is only a myth - love is the experience of millions of people.

God is only a word, but love can become a dance in your heart.

Your misunderstanding is that you think power means power over others. And it is not only your misunderstanding, Dhyan Agni, it is the misunderstanding of millions of people. And because of this misunderstanding they destroy the whole beauty of love. Instead of creating a paradise out of it, they create a hell for each other, because everybody is trying to dominate everybody else in the name of love - but deep down is the desire to dominate.

Love in itself is unconditional. It knows only giving, sharing; it does not know any desire for getting something in return. It does not ask for any response. Its joy and its reward is in sharing. And its power is in its sharing. It is so powerful that it can go on sharing with millions of people, and still the heart remains overflowing with love - it is inexhaustible. That is its power.

You are asking, “How can I use my power without losing my love?” If you want to dominate, then certainly you will have to lose your love. But if you want to love, you can love as powerfully as you want.

There is no contradiction between power and love. If there is a contradiction between power and love, then love will become powerless, it will become impotent, uncreative, weak; power will become dangerous, destructive - it will start to enjoy torturing people.

Love and power separate are the misery of the world. Love and power together, as one energy, can become a great transformation. Life can become a blissfulness. And it is only a question of dropping a misunderstanding.

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