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Chapter 28: Just by Chance

We have to defend our American constitution, because we are constitutionally right, and the state of Oregon is not constitutionally right in calling us illegal city. We will fight up to the Supreme Court, and we know that we are going to win, because I understand the American constitution, its values, and whatever has been done to us is absolutely unconstitutional.

For example, the city was incorporated by the state. For two years we were a legal city. For two years the state government, the federal government, both were helping the city; and suddenly the legal city becomes illegal. Great magic!

So you will continue your legal fight?

We will fight because we have to defend American constitution. In my vision, the American constitution is the only hope for humanity; otherwise, all constitutions are just somehow or other fascist. This is the only constitution which is not fascist, and that’s why American politicians are continuously in difficulty - because they are fascist, and the constitution is not.

You talked about fascism, and you said that a fascist state had been created here on your own property. How will you change that now?

I have changed it - just like that!

What’s different, though?

Simply because people are intelligent. My people are not retarded. I explained to them the point.what has been happening here. They saw the point - and Sheela escaped.

They simply.

They understood immediately that now she will be in trouble. And not only she escaped, her whole gang - even the mayor of the city, who was part of the gang - they all disappeared. And nothing was done. I simply explained to people that these things have been happening here just because you were not aware, alert, watching. Now you have to be more alert, more watchful. A democracy needs people to be always alert, because anybody who is in power is dangerous. Even if you put a saint in power, you will find a Nixon comes out of it.

I assume you’re going to be your own spokesman from now on?

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