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Chapter 24: Nirvana Means Nothingness

These people are all trembling inside, worried that they can collapse; just a push is needed. They know that inside there is nothing, and outside a great competition for power.

It is not a coincidence that twenty-four tirthankaras, the masters of Jainism, were all coming from royal families. Gautam Buddha was a prince. What happened to these people? Rama and Krishna, the Hindu incarnations of God, are also in the same category, belonging to royal families. It seems nobody else can become enlightened! Only royal blood is needed for enlightenment..

The point that I want to make clear to you is that these people were at the top already. They had power and that power they experienced did not destroy their inner emptiness. They renounced power to find out what was their interiority. Finding it, they blossomed - in a beauty, in a truth, in a statement to the whole world that “I have come home.”

People have not recognized the fact of why these people renounced their kingdoms. They had all the power that they needed, but just that situation.all the power that they need, all the money that they need and still, inside there is nobody. The house is full of money, comforts, luxuries, but the master is missing. It was out of this urgency that they renounced power and went in search of peace.

Ordinary people, naturally, don’t have the power. They only look at powerful people from far away and think, “If I was also given the same honor, the same recognition, I would also be somebody. I would leave my footprints on the sands of time.” They become intrigued with power. But look at the people who were born in power and renounced it, seeing that it is an exercise of absolute futility. You still remain the same inside. Even if you have billions of dollars, it will not make any change within you.

Only the change, the transformation within you, is going to give you peace. Out of that peace will come your love; out of this peace will come your dance, your songs, your creativity. But just avoid the word ‘power’.

Right now you are only thinking about it. Thinking will not help. Thinking is perfectly good if you want to compete in the world for power, for money, for prestige, for respectability. But as far as settling in your being, mind is absolutely useless. Hence, the whole effort here is to help you get out of the mind into meditation, out of thoughts into silence.

Once you have tasted your inner being, all greed, desire for money, power, will simply evaporate. There is no comparison. You have found God himself within you; what more can you desire?

What is this universe made of, besides this silence which I don’t know, and with which the sages are overflowing?

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