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Chapter 7: Intelligence: Discovery of Your Innermost Nature

The teacher is well-known, well-understood; he is part and parcel of our stupid existence. He is blind just as you are blind, but he speaks the same language, hence he is understandable, comprehensible. The master is not blind. He speaks a totally different language so he seems to be an outsider; the teacher appears to be an insider. With the teacher you can fall en rapport very easily, there is no difficulty - he belongs to the same dimension. But the master is alien, a stranger - he belongs to another dimension, to another world, to the farther shore, to the beyond. He exists in you, amidst you, but he belongs to the beyond. His message comes from a far, far away source. He is simply a representative here of the unknown and the unknowable. He does not speak the way your scriptures speak, he coins his own communication.

Hence you will feel more and more antagonistic toward the master. You will have every sympathy for the teacher and no sympathy for the master - in fact, a very deep antipathy. You would like to kill him, you would like to destroy him - for the simple reason that he creates a disturbance in your life. He shatters your illusions, he gives shocks to your preconceived ideas, to your prejudices. He is a danger to your very foundation, he takes away the very ground you are standing upon. He destroys your consolations, your rationalizations.

Ordinarily society is divided into two categories, the “heads” and the “hands.” That’s actually how we divide people: the proletariat, the laborers are called the hands, and the bosses are called the heads. It is not coincidental, it is significant. The heads rule the hands, the heads dominate the hands. But there is no third category - the “hearts” - and the master belongs to that third category, which is almost non-existent.

Only once in a while, far and few in between, do you come across a Jesus, a Buddha, a Zarathustra, a Lao Tzu, a Chuang Tzu, but then you don’t have any way to understand these people.

And if a person wants prestige, power, respectability, then he has to follow you: your leaders are not really leaders, they are following the followers. Your teachers are not really teachers, they are constantly adjusting themselves to your prejudices, because without it you will not respect them; there will be no possibility of gaining power and prestige. Everybody speaks the language of blindness, and the teacher confirms it, he makes you happy.

The master uncovers all your wounds. It hurts to be with a master. Unless somebody is ready to die on the cross, to be poisoned by you, to be butchered, murdered by you, he cannot dare to be a master. He has to be continuously in danger.

The teacher is very deeply respected by people; he is your support, although whatsoever he is supporting is nothing but lies. But one thing is certain, that you can understand him. He understands you, you understand him.

Thor, the god of thunder, went for a ride on his favorite horse. “I’m Thor!” he cried.

“Well, you forgot your thaddle, thilly!” replied the horse.

If you are talking to a horse then, of course, it is going to happen!

Two drunks were staggering home one night. One looked up and said, “Is that the sun or the moon?”

His friend replied, “I couldn’t tell you, I don’t live around here.”

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