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Chapter 2: So Far, So Good

Don’t turn science inwards. If the application of scientific methodology has been so devastating for the outer nature, it is going to be more devastating to the inner nature - because you are moving toward the more subtle. Even for the outside nature a different kind of knowledge is needed, which is rooted in love; but for the innermost core of your being, the subtlest, the transcendental, knowledge is not needed at all. Innocence is needed, innocence with love - then you will know the inside, then you will know the interior of your being, the subjectivity.

But the West is obsessed with technology. It seems technology has succeeded in nature: we have become more powerful. We have not become more powerful! The whole idea is just fallacious; we have not become more powerful. We are becoming weaker every day, because the natural resources are being exhausted. Sooner or later the earth will be empty, it will not grow anything. We are not becoming powerful, we are becoming weaker and weaker and weaker every day. We are on the deathbed. Humanity cannot survive for more than fifty years, the way it has been behaving with nature - sixty years, or, at the most, one hundred years, which is nothing. If the Third World War does not happen, then we will be committing a slow suicide. Within a hundred years we will be gone, not even a trace will be left.

And man will not be the first who will disappear; many other animals, very strong animals, have disappeared from the earth. They used to roam the earth, they were the kings of the earth, bigger than the elephant. They are no longer anywhere. They were thinking they had become very powerful; they were very huge, with tremendous energy, but then the earth could not supply food for them. They began to become bigger and bigger and bigger, then a moment came when the earth could not supply food for them - they had to die.

The same is happening with man: man thinks he is becoming more and more powerful. He can reach to the moon.but he is destroying the earth. He is destroying the whole possibility of future life. Slowly, humanity is disappearing. Please, don’t turn your technology toward the inner; you have done enough harm. Enlightenment cannot be reduced to a technology.

So the first thing: the inner journey is of innocence, not of knowledge; certainly not of science, absolutely not of technology. It is more of love, innocence, silence. Meditation is not really a technique. Because you cannot understand anything other than technique, I have to talk in terms of technique; otherwise, meditation is not a technique at all. Meditation is nothing that you do. Meditation is something that you fall in, just like love. Meditation is something in which you can be, but you cannot do it, doing ceases.

How can there be a technology for non-doing? Technology is relevant with doing: you have to do something. Meditation is not something that you do. It is only when your doer has gone and you are totally relaxed, not doing anything, in a deep let-go, rest.there is meditation. Then meditation flowers. It is the flowering of your being. It has nothing to do with becoming. It is not an achievement, it is not an improvement; it is just being that which you already are. What technique is needed?

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