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Chapter 6: It Is up to You

All over the world they have been using the same methodology just to make you feel guilty. What you eat is wrong, how you live is wrong, how you sit is wrong, how you walk is wrong. They have not left anything for you to decide for yourself. Somebody else - a Manu, five thousand years ago has decided for Hindus how they should be, and for five thousand years Hindus have been imprisoned by that man Manu - and it is so stupid.

Just be what you are - no becoming, being is my message. Up to now becoming has been the message of everybody. Being is my message. Becoming has created guilt, sadness, despair, because you cannot do it. At each step you fall, and at each step you realize how poor, how inferior, how powerless you are. At each step you are forced to recognize that you are unintelligent, stupid; otherwise, why are you not succeeding?

You are not stupid, you are not unintelligent, you are not powerless. You are just trying to do something which simply cannot be done. Have you sometimes seen a dog trying to catch his tail?

A dog is sitting, is in a thinking mood, contemplating; he sees the tail, becomes curious, “What is this?” Naturally, if human beings are doing such stupid things, you cannot expect a dog not to do a stupid thing. He tries to catch hold of the tail that is lying there, but as he tries, the tail moves away. He tries harder - that is logical - he jumps with as much force as possible, but he is simply amazed that the tail also jumps in the same proportion, and the distance remains the same. But I think dogs are not so idiotic - after a few efforts he realizes that this is not possible. He drops the idea, forgets about the tail. It is his own tail, there is no problem. But man goes on and on, chasing something, a shadow.

No, don’t make ordinariness a goal somewhere away from you, so that a path is needed, and a discipline is needed; you have to follow a leader, you have to listen to a priest, you have to change your habits, you have to fit with the goal. Nobody in the whole of history has ever succeeded in becoming anybody else. And it is good that everybody has failed, because even if one man had succeeded, he would have proved all the religions right. One exception would have been enough: if one can succeed, then why not others?

History totally supports me. Without exception, everybody has failed ( except those few rare people who have never tried to become anybody, who simply lived ordinarily without any plan, without any tomorrow, without any ideals, without any philosophy, who have simply lived. Living is my religion. Living herenow, and living as you are without any conditions, without any qualification, that’s my message.

Why do Rajneeshees, when they go into the courts, already feel as if they are guilty? Why doesn’t our conviction come out? Why aren’t we proud of ourselves? Why do we behave like such wimps?

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