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Chapter 7: The Ego Is the Judas

Here is the point where people like Jesus create trouble. They are not great orators. They are not interested in theories and they are not there to entertain anybody. They are not professionals. They are not using religion for their own ends. They are sincere people - sincerely interested in helping, sincerely interested in creating a situation where man can realize himself. The trouble starts because the professionals are already there; the priests, the politicians are already there.

Whenever a man like Jesus enters into the world, the priests and the politicians become alert. It is dangerous for them. If Jesus succeeds, they will be thrown, uprooted. The whole establishment will collapse. If the establishment has to remain, then Jesus has to be destroyed.

This is the first thing to be understood because this is always happening, even today, and this will go on happening History goes on repeating itself not because there is any natural law that history should repeat itself, but only because man has not changed. Man remains the same, the old. He behaves again and again in the same way. You are here with me; many priests are worried about it, many politicians are worried about it. Why should they be worried? It is none of their business - but it is. Their very base is that religion should not become a sincere search. It should remain, at the most, a superficial entertainment; at the most, a mannerism, an etiquette. And they are afraid, because if somebody like Jesus asserts himself, the very presence of Jesus creates a deep inferiority in them. Not that Jesus is trying to make them inferior; Jesus is not even aware of it. He has not even thought about it. But through his very presence.the sun rises in the morning, and the stars, disappear. Whenever Jesus is there, the priests start disappearing. The politicians are in a difficulty; they cannot hold their ground.

I have heard a very beautiful anecdote about a certain doctor, Buzby. He was a great headmaster in England, a very famous headmaster. Even the king became interested. And once, the king went to see the headmaster in his school. The king was allowed in the school. Doctor Buzby started through the schoolrooms with his hat on his head, while His Majesty walked complacently behind him with his hat under his arm. The other people who had followed the king were a little disturbed and worried and restless: “Is this headmaster a little eccentric? He has not shown even that much respect to the king; he could have taken his hat off.” Even the king was a little uneasy about it, but he didn’t say anything.

When he was taking his leave at the door, the doctor, with great humility, then addressed the king, “I hope Your Majesty will excuse my want of respect hitherto, but if my boys were to imagine that there were a greater man in the kingdom than myself, I should never be able to rule them. So please excuse me.” He said, “They should know that even the king is not greater than their headmaster. Otherwise, it would be impossible to rule them again.”

This is what happens when a Jesus walks on the earth: the politicians, the priests, become afraid. They cannot allow the common man to know that a greater possibility exists, that a greater man is possible. Otherwise, they will not be able to rule again. Hence, Jesus has to be crucified. He has to be destroyed before the public so the public can know well “who is the boss here.”

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