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Chapter 13: The Science of the Esoteric

If you have heard my previous talks, you may recall I had said that each man’s first body is male and his second body is female. A woman’s first body is female and her second body male. If one has made arrangements to let his subtle body go out, then he doesn’t need a woman’s body. He can use his own second body - which is female - for the return of the subtle body. Then the other woman is not needed. This is possible however, only if the experiment is well-planned - the leaving of the body should not be accidental.

When such an event happens by accident, you remain unaware of the other bodies present inside you. Neither do you have any idea of how these bodies function, nor do you know how to make use of them. So it is possible that the subtle body of a man may return without any help from a woman, but this too will be as much accidental as the leaving of the subtle body. Therefore, one cannot be very sure about it.

No one else has done as many experiments on the inner life of man as the tantrikas. Hence, in every tantric workshop - where the greatest amount of work was done on the inner bodies of man - the presence of a woman had become inevitable. Not the presence of an ordinary woman, but of a special woman. Virgin girls were highly valued in Tantra, because if a woman has had sexual intercourse with many men, her magnetic force dissipates. This was the only reason why virgin girls were required.

If a woman has been in a sexual relationship with more than one man, or many times with one man, her magnetic force wears down. Old age is not the only reason why an old woman looks less attractive. The same goes for man. The most fundamental reason is that their polarity weakens - the man appears less a man, and the woman less a woman. If one could stay a man or a woman until one grows old, he or she would never cease to be attractive. The dynamics of staying a man or a woman until the end is what brahmacharya, celibacy, is all about.

There is a lady in America who is over seventy - and there is no other woman in that country who can surpass her in attractiveness. Even at this age she needs special police protection. This woman has obviously succeeded in preserving her magnetic elements even until the age of seventy, A man can do the same as well. Prithvisinghji is sitting here. Even though he is quite old, the element of youth is very much present in him. He has saved his magnetic force for a much longer period. Somehow he has still remained attractive even to this date, even at this old age.

So in Tantra, virgin girls became very valuable in pulling the consciousness of the seeker back in the body. These virgins had to maintain their sanctity very meticulously so that their magnetic power would not leak out. There are ways to increase this power as there are ways to weaken it. Various asanas, body postures, such as siddhasana, padmasana, were devised specifically with the idea of preventing this power from escaping outside the body.

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