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Chapter 15: Kiss or Kill

The more intelligent a person is, the more short-lived will be his love - love as you know it. That is why as humanity is becoming more intelligent, love is becoming a short-lived phenomenon. In the past it was almost permanent; there was nothing like divorce. In uneducated countries there is still nothing like divorce. The more a country becomes educated, cultured, sophisticated, the rate of divorce increases, in the same proportion, for the simple reason that people can see that they get bored with each other. Then there is no point in dragging it on; then it is better to finish it. But the mind can finish one thing and immediately substitute it with another illusion, again and again.

Mind is a non-learner. Even the intelligent person remains a non-learner and the mind has become so powerful that anything coming from the heart never reaches you, your being, uninterpreted by the mind. The heart says eternity and the mind interprets permanency. That’s where you are missing the point. The yearning of the heart is for a vertical dimension; that is the dimension of meditation. Mind lives horizontally; hence the mystics of all the ages have realized the fact that mind and time are not two different things - mind is time. Mind cannot live vertically; mind lives in the past, in the future. For the mind, the present is non-existential. From the past to the future mind goes on moving. The present seems to be only a passage from the past to the future.

I have heard:

A hunter was going to the jungle to hunt. A friend wanted to accompany him; he also wanted to be a hunter, but he was very unskillful and amateurish. The hunter said, “Okay, you can come along.”

The hunter brought him to a place where tigers used to pass and lions used to pass, because it was close to a pond and they were bound to come to the pond when they felt thirsty. So they were hiding in a bush. The hunter gave him indications, hints: “When it is going to happen, be alert and shoot immediately.”

A tiger passed. The hunter was amazed because the friend remained almost frozen; he didn’t even move, he didn’t do anything to shoot him. He asked, “What happened?”

The friend said, “It went so fast that I saw him only when he was out of sight.”

That is exactly what the present is: you see it only when it is out of sight; when it is already past, only then you see it. You never see it as the present - mind is not that quick. Mind is not alert, not aware. Mind is dreaming. It is always surrounded by past and future, and the small, atomic moment of the present goes fast. It must be moving faster than light itself, because we never catch hold of it. By the time we are aware it is already gone. The time that we take in becoming alert is enough, and it is gone. You always know it when it is out of sight. So all that you are aware of is the past which is no more and the future which is not yet. You live between these two non-existential things.

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