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Chapter 20: When the Disciple Is Ready.

The unconscious man will not recognize even a Gautam Buddha or a Jesus Christ or a Moses. It is not his fault. The archbishop is a little alert; he recognizes, but his whole business is at stake.

The priests of any religion would not like their founders to come back again to the earth. They will say the same words to them - “We are doing your work perfectly well. You are not needed, because you are basically a disturber. You will say things which are going to disturb peoples’ minds. Somehow we have managed their morality, their character, their culture, and you will start bringing questions.”

No religion would like its own founders to come back. The unconscious minds of people cannot recognize them. The priests perhaps may be able to recognize, but they will be the ones to crucify them because the priests can have a business on the crucifixion of Jesus, on the life of Jesus; but if Jesus is alive, then the priest is no longer needed. His whole business is finished. It is simply a question of his livelihood, he is not interested in truth.

No priest is interested in truth. No theologian is interested in God, in searching for the ultimate. His interest is in exploiting the unconscious mind.

So the seeker, the disciple, is bound to stumble with many pretenders. But if his search is genuine.

And what is the symbol of a genuine search? The symbol is if his search is not an ego trip, if it is not that he wants to become holier, higher, spiritual, better than everybody else, more virtuous. If that is his search, then he is going to be a victim of all those charlatans that the world abounds with. If his search is authentic, that he wants to know himself - he is not interested in becoming holier, not interested in becoming higher, not interested in becoming superior, he simply wants to know his ordinary self - then nobody can exploit him. Then sooner or later he is bound to come to a person who can see his authentic search, who is conscious.

The master chooses consciously, but for the disciple it is bound to be still another experiment. He has been experimenting with others and failed; now he is experimenting with a new person.

But with a master you cannot fail - it is impossible. His consciousness is going to transform your unconsciousness into consciousness. He is a light, and once you are in contact with the light you cannot remain in darkness. Unconsciousness is like darkness, and a conscious man is just a great flame of light. To be close to him is to be transformed.

To be close to him does not make you more knowledgeable. To be close to him does not make you a slave. To be close to him does not make you a Mohammedan, a Hindu, a Christian. To be close to him simply makes you a human being - innocent, like a child.

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