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Chapter 5: Truth Is Not Veiled

What do I mean when I say ‘an organic part’? It means that you cannot exist without the whole, and the whole cannot exist without you either. This is the beauty of the realization of no-self. For the first time, when you are not, your absolute significance is realized.

Up to now you were trying to prove that you were very significant and nobody believed you, not even you yourself. Now you know that you are not, and suddenly, in this empty house, a harmony comes in, a music is heard. Suddenly the whole starts celebrating your no-selfhood. Buddha has called this anatta, the realization of no-self. And this is freedom.

Freedom is not of the self; freedom is from the self. You are no longer there, that’s why you are free. If you are there, you can never be free. You are the bondage.

Listen to this cuckoo-bird.. The bird is not singing, the song is happening. There is no ego inside manipulating the song. There is nobody who is trying to do anything, it is simply happening. In a state of no-self you will sing a song without the singer being there; you will dance a dance, but the dancer will not be there. You will move and live, you will be ecstatic, but there will be nobody inside the house, the house will be totally empty.

And this is the reality - and you know right now that you are an empty house, but you go on pretending that you are somebody, and you go on posing false postures. You have not loved, but you go on pretending that you love - because if you love then how can pain exist? If you love then how can suffering exist? If you love then why so much agony? It is not consistent. If you have loved then you will be ecstatic, but you are not and you go on pretending. In the name of love you have done many other things but not love - because unless you die you cannot love. Unless the ego disappears, the love cannot come to flower.

Then how can you pray if you have not loved? But you pretend; you go to the mosque, to the temple and to the church, and you pretend prayer. Whom do you think you are deceiving? You may be deceiving yourself - so your prayers are just like deserts; nothing grows out of them. Even in deserts something grows, but your prayers are absolute deserts; nothing grows out of them. You continue, nothing comes out of it; you remain the same. And life is moving out of your fingers every moment. Every moment you are dying and you go on pretending.

Your whole life becomes a long pretension of things that are not. These things which are not have become the veils on you. God is not hidden. Truth is there - just in front of you, in its total nakedness. But you are hidden, you are covered in many veils. And you go on acquiring more veils - of knowledge, learning, of this and that.

Drop the veils. Don’t pretend.

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