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Chapter 2: Steeped in the Wine of Love

Remember this, otherwise you will be confused at Nanak’s constant repetition. You will wonder why he keeps saying his attributes are priceless, his worth is priceless.again and again. These are words spoken in ecstasy, not words repeated from somewhere; these are words that hummed within him. It did not matter if others heard. If you keep this in mind, Nanak’s words will reveal countless depths.

Priceless are His qualities, and His trading, too;
Priceless are His salesmen, and His storehouses;
Priceless is he who comes to take, and what he takes;
Priceless His feelings, and His samadhi, too
Priceless His divine justice, and His courts;

First, he is priceless, everything of him is priceless. There is no way to evaluate, no scale by which to weigh him, nor yardstick to measure him. There is no way in which we can surmise how much he is, what he is, how far he extends.

Whoever sets out to measure him finds that not only do all yardsticks fall short and break, but the mind that has set out to measure also breaks.

The Sanskrit word, maya, refers to illusion. This word is derived from the same root word as mapa, which means measure. The English words meter and measure also come from that same root.

Maya signifies that which can be measured or weighed. That which cannot be weighed is Brahma. Whatever you can measure, know it is maya; whatever can be evaluated or defined, know it is maya. When you approach that which cannot be defined, which defies all measures and cannot be weighed, when you come near to this immeasurable, that is the beginning of religion.

Science can never know God for the whole scientific method is based on measure. The weighing scales are the symbol of science; to measure is its way. Therefore science will never come anywhere near God and will always maintain that there is no God, because it only believes in that which can be measured, which can be investigated. Marx has said, “If God manifests in the research institute, then only shall I believe in his existence.” But such a God cannot be God.

Do you not feel the presence of something that is immeasurable all around you? He is even within your measuring devices. Now, for instance, take a flower: you can analyze it in your institutes. You can weigh it, you can measure it, you can discover its chemistry; but one thing in the flower cannot be measured. When you will have completed your full analysis you will suddenly realize that the flower is no more. With all your investigations you could not locate the beauty of the flower. Therefore scientists do not accept beauty as such.

Isn’t it strange? The very first response to looking at a flower involves its beauty, yet this is completely lost in scientific research. What is destroyed by the first stroke of science is the very thing that first affects you when you see the flower; the first feeling, the first ray of consciousness reflected on your mind at the sight of the flower, is of its beauty. The feeling is unspoken, unsung, but deep within a cloud of beauty encircles you. Science is unable to grasp this.

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