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Chapter 3: The Science of the Inner Soul

This is the reason that in the East science has not progressed, technology has not been born. If poor people are contented, if the poor people don’t want to be anything other than poor, then what is the need of technology, of science, of progress, of evolution, of creating more wealth, of creating a better society, of distributing the wealth in a more human way? There is no need.

The politician is happy, because there is no possibility of revolution. The priest protects the politician against the revolution. And the politician, on his part, goes on praising the priest, that he is a great saint. He touches the feet of the priest, particularly at the time of elections. He gives respect; he goes to all kinds of saints, shankaracharyas, imams, popes..

Soon the pope is going to come to India, and you will see all the politicians running to welcome him - now in India, Christianity is the third greatest religion. Now the pope has to be persuaded.

Mohammedan saints, dead or alive, have to be worshipped. Hindu saints, whether saints or simply idiots, have to be raised to the highest spirituality.

This is a conspiracy to exploit the people. The priests cannot say what is going to happen in the future, for the simple reason that the priest lives out of the past. He lives out of the Shrimad Bhagavadgita, which happened five thousand years ago. He lives by the Koran Sharif, he lives by The Holy Bible. His whole world is in the past; he is a worshipper of the dead. He has no eyes for the future, and no intelligence either. I don’t think any man of intelligence can be a priest, because the priest is continuously lying, and no man of integrity can do that.

The priest is lying on every count. He knows nothing of God. He has not experienced, he has not encountered, but he goes on lying to the people - pretending to be a representative of God, a mediator between you and God. He does not allow you to be in direct contact with existence. He always wants you to write your love letters “care of” the priest. Your prayers can reach to God only through the priest. Strange, on what authority.?

Just a few days ago, the head of the Christians, the pope, declared that one of the greatest sins is to confess directly to God - confession has to be to the priest. Do you understand this cunning strategy? The Catholic priest is always there to listen to your confession, and you have to tell him everything about your sins, your private life. That gives him power. Do you understand? He has a file on you. You cannot leave the Catholic fold.

He can expose you. He can destroy your respectability. He knows that you have had a love affair with your neighbor’s wife.. You can hide from everybody but not from the priest, because he is the only one who can manage forgiveness from God for your sins. But strange, why can you not confess to God directly? This is politics; this is not religion.

I have come across priests of all the religions, and I have never seen any one of them that has any intelligence. If they had any intelligence they would compose music, they would create some beauty, they would invent something to enhance humanity. They would find some way to destroy poverty in the world.

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