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Chapter 8: Not Gospels but Gossips

The man said, “What?”

He said, “There is no doubt about it!”

The man asked, “Do you know anything else or not?”

He said, “There is no doubt about it.”

The man said, “My God, I must have been a fool to purchase you!”

The parrot said, “There is no doubt about it!”

That was all that the parrot knew. You ask any question, the answer is the same. It has nothing to do with the questions, it has nothing to do with the reality, it is not a response. It is just like a gramophone record. It goes on repeating meaninglessly.

The people who have been conditioned to say yes - yes to God, yes to the religion, yes to the society, yes to the parents - their yes is bogus, it has no substance. It is not even a shadow. Even shadows have something in them, but this yes is absolutely a nonentity. Parents teach you to respect the parents, say yes to them, be obedient. Of course, that is their vested interest. And the priest says: Respect the priest, respect the Bible, the Koran, the Gita, respect the tradition, respect convention. That is his vested interest. And so on, so forth.

Somebody asked George Gurdjieff, “Why has respect for parents been emphasized, in every religion, in every country, in every society? Is there something divine in it?” Gurdjieff laughed and said, “Yes. God knows perfectly well that if people are trained to say yes to the parents only then will they say yes to God. He has a vested interest in it” - because God is the father figure, the ultimate father. And Gurdjieff also said, “Parents are sooner or later going to die, and then there will be a vacuum. You respected your parents, you were obedient to your parents, you were always following, imitating whatsoever they said. You were just a carbon copy. You will feel very empty - so much so that you would like to fill your emptiness with something. And that is the place which God will start filling in you.”

He was joking. It is not God’s vested interest. Of course it is the vested interest of the priests. God has no vested interest in anything. In fact there is no God as a person; God is only godliness.

One need not believe in God, one need not be a yea-sayer. One should learn the process of saying no.

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