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Chapter 4: God Is Day and Night

As man has been seeking more and more, this has become clearer and clearer - that God as a person creates troubles, because then you are always in conflict with other gods. That’s why the Jewish god, the Hindu god, the Mohammedan god, the Christian god exist. This is sheer nonsense! How can God be Christian or Hindu or Mohammedan? But there are different gods because Jews have their own idea of god, Hindus have their own idea of god, and the conflict is bound to be there. Hindus think that God speaks the Sanskrit language; the English always think that he is an English gentleman.

It is said that one German and one Englishman were talking, and the German said, “We plan in every way, but why, every time, are we defeated?”

The Englishman said, “You have to be defeated, because whenever we start fighting, first we pray to God and he looks after us. You are to be defeated; you can never be victorious.”

The German said, “But that we also do, we also pray.”

Then the Englishman laughed. He said, “But who understands German?”

To an Englishman, God is an Englishman. To Adolf Hitler he must be a Nordic, has to be because we create our own image.

I was just reading a memoir of an army priest. This priest was attached to Montgomery’s wing, and one day, when they were ready to attack, it was so cloudy and there was so much mist and so much cold that it seemed impossible to move. So the priest has written in the memoir that the general, Montgomery, called him and he said, “You pray to God and tell him immediately that we, his soldiers, are on the march, and what is he doing? Is he in conspiracy with the enemy? Tell him immediately to stop all this!”

The priest was surprised: “A man like Montgomery - and what is he talking about?” He said, “But this won’t look good. It doesn’t look good to say to God, `What are you doing? Stop this immediately because we are on the move and we are your soldiers.’”

The priest felt a little embarrassed, but Montgomery said, “You listen to my order! You are my priest, attached to my army, so whatsoever I say you have to do. Go and pray immediately!”

This happens. It looks absurd and foolish, but this is happening all the time, to all the people, to everybody. If you take God as a person this is bound to happen. Then you start communicating with him as a person - and he is not a person. There are millions of atheists because you have taken God as a person. The atheist is not against God, but he is against your conception of God as a person, because the whole concept is foolish. And think in what anguish you must be putting your God, because Germans are praying for their victory, the English are praying for their victory, and everybody thinks that God is with them, at their side


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