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Chapter 24: The Third Alternative: The Whole Man

The society that did not repress sex naturally remained undeveloped for the simple reason that they were contented. There was no energy available to go after money, to go after politics, to go after God. No, they danced, they sang; they had a small but beautiful architecture - huts, but made beautifully. They lived a very clean life; there was no crime because there was no energy for crime.

And now you have to understand how the things are related. When there is no crime what is the need of a judge, what is the need of a court, what is the need of the cops? When everybody is happy and enjoying and is not feeling guilty for being happy, why should he go to a Catholic priest to confess that “I am feeling guilty.”

I have heard.. A woman went to confess and she said, “I have been raped.”

The priest said, “But if you have been raped, you have not committed any crime. The person who has raped, he should come to confess.”

The woman said, “I know. but I did not resist - that’s why I am feeling guilty. I did not resist.”

The priest asked, “When did it happen?”

She said, “Last night - three times.”

The priest said, “What kind of rape is this!”

The woman said, “That’s why I have come to confess. The first time I was a little afraid; the next time I really enjoyed it, and the third time it was fantastic.”

The next week she came again.

The priest said, “What! Have you been raped again?”

She said, “Not again. I have come to confess about the same old night.”

The priest said, “You are strange - you have confessed it already.”

She said, “But I even enjoyed confessing it - now that makes me feel guilty. I want to say it again. Please forgive me but..”

When people are happy and don’t feel guilty because nobody has told them that happiness is sin, naturally there will be no priests, no cathedrals, no temples, no synagogues. That is why there is no culture - in your eyes. What you understand as culture is not there: of course they are uncultured. They don’t have a religion, they don’t have holy books, they don’t have universities, they don’t have libraries - how can they be called cultured, how can they be called civilized?

But they are immensely contented.

I have lived with these people and I have never heard them complain about anything. They have no problems as such. They accept life as it comes, and they enjoy it as much as they can. They live joyously, they die joyously - without any fear in life nor any fear about what will happen after death. They don’t care, there is no energy for all these things. Yes, they don’t produce a George Bernard Shaw. Their life itself is such a beautiful drama, there is no need for a George Bernard Shaw.

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