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Chapter 1: The Grand Rebellion

God not being there is a great event, the greatest event that has happened in the whole history of mankind. The absence of God gives you a certain solid presence. For the first time you are individuals, independent souls - not creatures who have been created, but individual consciousnesses which have been in existence from eternity to eternity.

This is a glorious moment for those who can understand all the implications of God’s death. They will immediately celebrate it, because it gives you a new sense of direction, a new uniqueness, a new destiny. It makes you a master of your own destiny. Nobody is there to guide you, and nobody is there to dominate you, and nobody is there to give commandments to you.

For the first time, in Nietzsche’s statement, man comes of age. But very few people have heard that God is dead and they are still worshipping him. They are still praying in the churches, in the temples, in the mosques. They are still holding the lie as if it is the truth. And because of that lie their whole life becomes phony. They cannot laugh, they cannot enjoy. Their only duty, propounded by all the religions, is to be masochists - torture yourself as much as you can. The more you torture yourself, the greater saint you are.

All the religions have been preaching nothing but masochism. That gives me a deep insight into God.

Mankind has to be masochist, guilty - torturing himself, torturing and destroying his own roots in nature, going against nature.suffering all kinds of stupidities because God was a sadist. All the religions, unknowingly, are propounding a God that is a sadist. He loves humanity to suffer. He loves people to torture themselves. He does not like your laughter, he does not like your joy. He does not like your pleasure, your blissfulness, your cheerfulness. He does not like your songs, and he does not like your dances and your celebrations. He has taken away all that was beautiful on this earth. He hates the earth! He is against the earth. He is against life itself.

So what, in the name of God, your saints have been doing all these thousands of years is nothing but committing a gradual suicide. The more dead you are, the more you will find followers. The more alive you are, the religions will condemn you, the masses will condemn you, all the idiots of the world will be together to destroy you.

Joy is not acceptable. Laughter is not acceptable. A sense of humor is not part of any religion. Life has become sad, misery, anguish, anxiety. Who is responsible for all this? The first responsibility is a fictitious God who is represented by the priesthood around the world. Millions of people in this priesthood are living on your blood. They are parasites not priests. And their whole function is to keep you miserable, because only a miserable person can bow down to a fictitious God. And they have been respecting those - giving them prestige and honor - who were nothing but insane people.

Anybody who goes against life is insane.

Life is all that we have.

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