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Chapter 24: The Key to Unawareness: Keep Thinking

That was the only man who was trying to save Jesus - because there was no crime against him, he had not done anything. He might be a little crazy, outrageous, might be saying things which should not be said; but he had not done anything, he had not harmed anybody. It was a Roman pagan who was trying to save him, but no Jew was ready to.

Now, these rabbis have some nerve to declare that all Jews are not responsible for Jesus crucifixion. Then your declaration is also just your declaration. It does not represent all the Jews, or all the Christians either.

But why do the rabbis and the bishops and the pope.. All are priests; that point has to be noted. All are priests: their vested interest is the same. Jesus does not matter to anybody. The rabbis two thousand years ago killed Jesus because he was destroying their priesthood. Now the Jews are not in any way afraid of Jesus.

Christians - why should they carry the old grudge unnecessarily? Deep down they also understand that they would have done the same. If Jesus comes back again and suddenly declares in the Vatican, “I have come back as I had told you before - the only begotten son of God,” what do you think the pope and his bishops and his cardinals and his committees, what are they going to do? I can’t think of anything else except another crucifixion.

Now the interests of the Christian bishops and priests are the same as those of the Jewish rabbis. Either they are saying rightly that they are brothers.. Brother-parasites! And that’s why Jesus has not been coming.

He has promised - and I think he is a man of his word; I never suspect his intention. Why is he not coming? He knows perfectly well, one crucifixion is enough. He is not such an idiot; he may be mad but he is not an idiot. He knows perfectly well that it will be even more painful to be crucified by his own priests.

There was some consolation at least at that time, that the priests were not his followers. He could pray to God, “Forgive them because they know not what they are doing.” If the Christian pope and bishops and cardinals crucify him he will not have even his prayer. What will he say to God - “Forgive them because they know what they are doing”?

Priests of all religions sooner or later settle for compromise. Now there is no antagonism between Buddhists, Jainas, Hindus. When their founders were alive it was fire; the whole country was on fire. Now there is no fire at all.

Hindu scholars come to speak in Jaina temples, Jaina scholars go to speak in Hindu temples; there is no problem at all. And these were enemy camps: once they were ready to destroy each other completely. But that is only when the man with the message is alive; then nobody is ready, nobody is prepared to accept it.

Once the man is gone then everybody is ready to accept it, respect it, because a dead messiah can do no harm to you. But a living messiah is going to destroy you completely and create you afresh.