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Chapter 46: Doors to the Mysterious

“When I say you are destroying yourself, I simply mean this: you are removing from your being the person who could have awakened you. You are so afraid - it is out of fear that you are killing me, out of fear that ‘This man is going to wake everyone up’ - and you don’t want to wake up. You are so much invested in your sleep and in your dreams, you don’t want to know the truth.”

Almustafa has no complaint against these people, but only a deep compassion. And this has been the case with all the mystics.

Just three years ago I predicted that if you don’t change your rotten ideas about human energy, about sex, about man’s natural growth, three-fourths of humanity would die of AIDS. I said this in a world press conference - nobody believed me. They could not see any sign anywhere to support my idea: “Maybe a few people are going to die of the disease, but not two-thirds of the whole humanity.”

Just today my personal physician, Dr. Amrito, has sent me a report telling me, “For the first time, medical science is supporting your prediction, because there are many places in America where homosexuality has reached the point of seventy percent” - my prediction was only for sixty-six percent. And the same is happening in Africa; perhaps the percentage is even greater there, just medical research is missing.

Anando, one of my secretaries, has also brought a few press cuttings to show me. I have been insisting continually for years that your so-called religions are responsible - wholly responsible - for this destructive disease that is going to grip the whole world. Perhaps even before nuclear weapons and Ronald Reagan destroy you, this disease will have already destroyed you.

In those cuttings there were reports that many Catholic priests have been found suffering from AIDS. Many Catholic priests in America have been expelled - just so they disappear. The church will go on giving them salaries, but it wants to hide the fact that its priests are homosexuals. It was not one case; there have been dozens of priests all over America who have been found suffering from AIDS. Two priests who are courageous enough, have even come out in public and declared, “We are suffering from AIDS, and we don’t think that homosexuality is against the Catholic religion.”

I agree with them. In fact, the Catholic religion, and other religions, are all for homosexuality. No religion is against homosexuality; in fact it is because of their continuous emphasis on celibacy that they have created a perverted humanity. One cannot believe that there are places where seventy percent of the people have become homosexuals, and the number is reaching that level in other places also.

But such is the blindness of man, and such is his deafness. He will never listen to the truth while there is time enough to do something about it. Now it is almost beyond our powers; we can just simply be helpless observers.

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