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Chapter 4: Selfishness: The Only Unselfishness

You have to create the atmosphere of happiness around you. If everybody is miserable, how can you be happy? You will be affected. You are not a stone. You are a very delicate being, very sensitive. If everybody is miserable around you, their misery will affect you. Misery is as infectious as any disease. Blissfulness is also infectious as any disease. If you help others to be happy, in the end you help yourself to be happy. A person who is deeply interested in his happiness is always interested in others’ happiness also - but not for them. Deep down he is interested in himself, that’s why he helps. If in the world everybody is taught to be selfish, the whole world will be happy. There will be no possibility for misery.

If you want to be healthy you cannot live amongst people who are ill. How can you be healthy? It will be impossible. It is against the law. You have to help others to be healthy. In health your health becomes possible.

Teach everybody to be selfish; unselfishness grows out of it. Unselfishness is ultimately selfishness. It may look unselfish in the beginning, but finally it fulfills you. And then happiness can be multiplied: as many as are the people around you that are happy, that much happiness goes on falling on you. You can become superbly happy.

But never forget about yourself - you have been taught.. Politicians, priests have been doing that, because that is the only way in the world for politicians and priests to be. If you are miserable, priests will be needed. If you are ill, unhappy, politicians will be needed. If you are unruly, only then rulers are needed. If you are ill, only then doctors are needed. Politicians want you to be disorderly; otherwise on whom will they impose the order? Through your disorder they become the rulers; and they teach you to be unselfish. They teach you to sacrifice yourself for the country, for the god, for the religion - Islam, Hinduism - for the Koran, the Gita, for the Bible - any word will do - but sacrifice yourself. If you are sacrificed, the priest remains happy, the politician remains happy.

Priests and politicians are in a deep conspiracy - maybe they are unconscious, not aware what they are doing, but they don’t want you to be happy. One thing, they don’t want you to be happy. Whenever they see that you are becoming happy, they become alert. Then you are a danger to them, their society, their established world - you are dangerous. A happy person is the most dangerous person in the world. He can prove to be subversive - because a happy person is a free person, and a happy person doesn’t bother about wars, Vietnams, Israel. For a happy person these things look neurotic, foolish.

A happy person is so happy, he wants to be left alone to be happy. He wants his own privacy to be preserved. He wants to live with the flowers and the poetry and the music. Why should he bother to go to the wars, be killed and kill others? Why should he be murderous and suicidal? Only unselfish people can do that, because they have never known the bliss that is possible to them. They have never had any experience: what it is to be, what it is to celebrate. They have never danced. They have never breathed life. They have not known any divine glimpse; all those glimpses come from deep happiness, from deep satiety, contentment.

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