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Chapter 1: The Ultimate Synthesis

The body is not the question. The sage does not live in the body or as the body - he lives through the body. The politician is nothing but the body, the extrovert. The body is extrovert, the psyche is introvert, and when you transcend both, Tao arises. When you are neither extrovert nor introvert, when you are not going into the outer nor into the inner, when you are not going anywhere, there is tremendous stillness, no movement because there is no motivation. Your inner flame is no longer wavering because there is no direction to go in, there is no purpose to fulfill. There is nowhere to be and nobody else to be, you are absolutely content with the moment. Then you have transcended man and woman and the polarity. In that transcendence is Tao.

This transcendence has been taught in different ways all over the world. Different terms have been used. I would like to explain one term to you because it will help. The term is Israel. It is not the name of a certain race - certainly not of the Jews - and it is not a name of a certain individual. “Israel” is exactly what Tao is.

Try to understand. The word Israel is made of three symbols: is-ra-el. Is means the feminine principle. Is comes from the Egyptian word isis. Isis means the moon goddess the moon is the feminine principle. Remember the word moon because in Hindu metaphors also the moon is the symbol of the feminine.

In Yoga they say there are three passages in the human being: the moon, the sun, and the transcendental. Through one nostril you breathe the moon energy, through another nostril you breathe the sun energy. And deep inside, when both breathings stop, then you transcend. That is called sushumna ida, pingala, sushumna.

“Israel” is made of three symbols. Is comes from isis the Egyptian goddess of the moon or the Babylonian goddess ishtar who is also the moon goddess. This is the principle of yin, the feminine. Ra comes from the Egyptian sun god. It represents the masculine principle, yang. And el comes from elohim from which same root the Mohammedans derive Allah. The Hebrew word for God is elohim; el comes from there. It represents the meeting of the feminine and the masculine and their transcendence too. “Israel” means Tao exactly.

If you are dominated by the sun you will be aggressive, madly aggressive, ambitious, political, hot, burning will, desire and passion. If you are dominated by the moon you will be cool, non-ambitious, non-aggressive, receptive, peaceful, silent. But both have to be transcended because both are lop-sided. One has to come to a moment when one can say, “I am neither man nor woman.” That’s when a man becomes a Buddha or a man becomes a Christ or a man becomes a Krishna when he is neither man nor woman, neither moon nor sun, neither “is” nor “ra,” neither yin nor yang. He simply is, purely is. All formulations have disappeared.

But this happening happens only by and by. First you have to drop the principle of “ra” - the principle of the sun, the male energy - and you have to move into the feminine, into the female. And from there you have to move into the beyond.

Everything happens through the feminine principle, remember it, always remember it. It is the middle principle, so whether you are going beyond or you are going below makes no difference - it is the ladder.

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