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Chapter 10: Religion Is the Ultimate Luxury

I am not concerned with the future at all. I am totally herenow. And this is what I would like you to be also, here and now. Whatsoever is transpiring between me and you, don’t allow any interference. This idea is just a trap of the mind. This is the first thing I would like to say.

The second thing: even organized religions play a positive role. The positive role consists in provocation, in challenge. Even the prison plays a positive role: it provokes the spirit of the courageous, it becomes a challenge for freedom - it has its role, its function.

I am not saying to live in the prison. In fact, the prison itself forces you to get out of it. The prison itself can be used in a positive way. If you are thrown in a prison your spirit will continuously meditate and think about how to get out of it, how to find ways and means to escape. In a prison the courageous soul will start brooding and dreaming about freedom. The bigger the prison, the greater the enforced structure of it, the more the challenge will be. Only cowards will accept it.

But cowards, even if they are out of prison, will remain in prison because they are not going anywhere - they are imprisoned in their cowardice. And the courageous, even in a prison, will try to break through, they will try to get out. And in that very effort to get out, a strength is born. In that very struggle to get out, a new being is born; they have a new sense of urgency, a new force and power.

Nothing is wrong. But remember, when I say nothing is wrong I am not saying to relax and go to sleep in a prison. I am saying the prison can be used in a positive way. Even your home can become a prison if you use it in a negative way - that’s what it has become for millions of people. They live in their homes, but they live in a prison. They call it their home, but it is their cowardice. They have lost the adventure of the soul, they are no longer adventurous, they are no longer wanderers. They are no longer interested in the unknown, in the unfamiliar. They always carry their maps wherever they go. They always have their guides wherever they go. They live a borrowed life. They don’t have any passion to live fresh, to live young. They don’t have any passion to move into the uncharted territory, to go to the ocean, to go into danger, and to face life.

When you are in danger and you are facing life you are for the first time in contact with your soul. The soul is not cheap. You have to put everything at stake. That’s why I say even an organized religion can be a positive thing.

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