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Chapter 6: I Am a Destroyer

Once these two things are dropped, you become free of all sorts of foolishnesses; then you don’t go to the psychoanalyst and you don’t go to the astrologer. Then you know the past is finished.you also be finished with it. And the future has not happened; whenever it happens we will see, nothing can be done about it right now. You can only destroy the present moment, which is the only moment available, real.

The West has been continuously looking into the problems, how to solve them. The West takes the problems very seriously. And when you are going in a certain logic, given the premises, that logic looks perfect.

I was just reading one anecdote..

A great philosopher and world-renowned mathematician is aboard an airplane. He is sitting in his seat and thinking great mathematical problems when suddenly an announcement comes from the captain: “I am sorry, there will be a slight delay. Engine number one has cut out and we are now flying on three engines.”

About ten minutes later another announcement: “I am afraid there will be further delay - engines two and three have cut out and there is only number four left.”

So the philosopher turns to the fellow sitting next to him and says, “Good golly! If the other one cuts out, we will be up here all night!”

When you are thinking in a certain line, the very direction of it makes certain things possible, absurd things also possible. Once you have taken human problems very seriously, once you start thinking about man as a problem, you have accepted some premise; you have taken the first step wrongly. Now you can go into the direction, and you can go on and on.. Now such great literature has come up in this century about mind phenomena, psychoanalysis - millions of papers are written and treatises and books. Once Freud opened the doors of a certain logic, it dominated the whole century.

The East has a totally different outlook. First, it says no problem is serious. The moment you say no problem is serious, the problem is almost ninety-nine percent dead. Your whole vision changes about it. The second thing the East says is: the problem is there because you are identified with it. It has nothing to do with the past, nothing to do with its history. You are identified with it - that is the real thing. And that is the key to solve all problems.

For example: you are an angry person. If you go to the psychoanalyst, he will say, “Go into the past.. How did this anger arise? In what situations did it become more and more conditioned and imprinted on your mind? We will have to wash out all those imprints; we will have to wipe them off. We will have to clean your past completely.”

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