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Chapter 1: Man: A Bridge between Two Infinities

Humanity has been constantly finding things - from soma rasa to LSD - to forget, to regress, to be just childlike, to regain the animal innocence, to be without problems: that is, to be without humanity, because to me humanity means to be a problem. This falling back, this regression, is possible, but only temporarily. You will come back again, you will be a man again, and the same problems will be standing and waiting for you. Rather, they will be more acute. Your absence is not going to dissolve them. They will become more complicated and complex. Then a vicious circle is created.

When you are again back, conscious, you have to face problems which have become more complicated because of your absence. They have grown. Then you have to forget yourself again and again. And every time you forget and regress, your problems are growing, and you have to face your humanity again and again. One cannot escape that way. One can deceive oneself, but one cannot escape that way.

The other alternative is arduous. That is to grow, to become, to be a being. When I say “regress,” I mean to be unconscious, to lose the small consciousness that we have. And when I say “to be a being,” I mean to lose unconsciousness and to be totally conscious.

As we are, only a part is conscious, only a very small fragment of our being is conscious, and the remaining whole continent is just dark. A small island is conscious, and the whole continent, the mainland, is under darkness. When this small island also becomes dark you have regressed, you have fallen back.

This ignorance is blissful because now you are not aware of the problems. Problems are there, but you are not aware. So at least for you there are no problems. This is the ostrich method: close your eyes and your enemy is not there. Because when you cannot see, this childish, juvenile logic says that when you cannot see something, it is not; unless you see something, it is not. So if you cannot feel problems they are not there.

And when I say “to be a being, to transcend humanity, to become divine,” I mean to be totally conscious - not only an island, but the whole continent. This awareness will also lead you beyond problems, because problems are there basically because of you. Problems are not objective realities, they are subjective phenomena. You create your problems. And unless you are transformed, you will go on creating problems. You can solve one, but, really, in solving that one you will create many, because you remain the same. Problems are not objective things, they are part of you. Because you are such, you create such problems.

Science tries to solve problems objectively, and science thinks if there are no problems man will be at ease. Problems can be solved objectively but man will not be at ease, because man himself is the problem. If he solves some problems, he will create others. He is the creator. You create a better society: problems will change, but problems will remain. You create better health, better medicine: problems will change, but problems will remain.

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