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Chapter 4: Meditation Is Death and Resurrection

The truth is that the more we risk, the more we live dangerously, the more we are alive. And the more we are afraid, the more we are dead. In fact the dead have absolutely no dangers to face. The one big danger that the dead don’t have to face is that they cannot die again. Only he who is alive can die. And the more alive he is, the more intensely he can meet death.

There is a rock somewhere, and very close to it a flower has bloomed. The rock can say to the flower, “How stupid you are. Why do you take the risk of becoming a flower? Don’t you know you will wither away before sundown?” There is a great danger in being a flower really. But there is no danger in being a rock. When the flower will have withered away in the evening, the rock will be lying intact in its place. The rock does not have to face much danger because it is not that alive. The more alive one is, the greater the danger.

A person is in danger only to the extent that he is alive. The more alive he is, the more the danger. Meditation is the greatest danger there is, because meditation is the door which leads to the attainment of the most profound - the supreme.

But this friend wants to know why one should go for it at all, if there is danger. I say, you should go precisely because there is danger. And I say, don’t go where there is no danger. Never go if there is no danger, because there is nothing but death. And you must go if there is danger, because the possibility of life abundant exists there.

But we are all fond of security. We are afraid of the dangers of insecurity, we run away from it, we hide ourselves from it. And thus we lose life itself into the bargain. Many people lose life through trying to save it. Only those who don’t save life, who live with abandon, who live dangerously, live life.

There is indeed danger, and that is why you should go for it. And it is the greatest possible danger. Climbing Everest is not that dangerous. To reach the moon too, is not as dangerous, although only recently a few astronauts lost their way to it. The danger is great, but that danger is confined to the body; only the body is changed through death.

The danger in meditation is greater than in going to the moon.

Why are we so afraid of danger? Have you ever thought why we fear danger so much? It is ignorance that is behind all such fear. We fear that we may come to an end, we fear we may disappear, we fear we may die. So we do everything to protect, to secure, to fortify, to enclose and to hide ourselves from dangers. We do everything to run away from them; we plunge down every avenue of escape we know.

I have heard a story.

A king built a large palace, but it had only one door, a single entrance, so the king would be secure from dangers. The palace did not have any other doors or windows, to prevent any enemy from entering through them. So it was more of a grave than a home. But even a single door posed a danger, since a killer could enter and leave the palace through it. So the king placed a thousand armed guards at this single door.

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