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Chapter 8: The Profound and the Trivial

You are taking a shower. It is trivia, everyday business, but it can become profound. Just look deep into it. Just standing under the shower, and the water goes on flowing, and the body feels fresh and young and alive, and the water is a blessing. Because we are made out of water. A man is almost eighty percent water, and the first glimpse of life happened in the sea. The first thing that existed was the fish, and even now, in the mother’s womb, the child floats in seawater, with almost the same ingredients, the same saltiness. That’s why when a woman is pregnant she starts eating more salt; she needs more salt because the child needs seawater around him. The child is still a fish in the beginning, primary stage. Water is life, and when you are taking a shower life is showering on you - eighty percent of life is showering on you, the most necessary element for life. No life is possible without water. These trees will not be there if the water is not, and these birds won’t sing, and these animals won’t be there and these men will not be there. All life will disappear if water disappears.

There is a profound experience when you are touched by water. You can make it so profound! It depends on you, how you go into it. It can become a meditation, a prayer. You can feel grateful, that God is great, that water is still available.

To breathe is so trivial, who bothers about it? But breath is your life. All languages have words for “life” which really mean “breath.” Sanskrit has prana for “life”; it means “breath.” The word soul means “breath”; the word psyche means “breath.”

And the Bible says God made man and breathed life into him. Life started by breathing into man; otherwise man was just dust. Adam means “dust,” “earth.” God made Adam out of mud. Adam is the Hebrew word for “earth.” Then he breathed life into him. And that’s how life happens always. A child is born and the first thing we wait expectantly for is that he should cry. Why? Because only through crying will he start breathing. For two, three seconds even the doctor cannot breathe, the nurse cannot breathe. Whether the child is going to breathe or not, who knows? He may not breathe. If he is not going to breathe then there will be no life. If he breathes there will be life. Still the same happens as it happens with Adam: God breathes in the child, in each child.

God is the invisible force, the life energy that surrounds you. It enters through breath in you, and the day you die you will die through exhalation. You start life with inhalation, you stop life with exhalation; then you will not breathe anymore. Again Adam is Adam, again dust is dust, dust unto dust.

Breath is life, but have you looked into it? Standing under the sun in the morning, breathe. It is God you breathe in. And then it becomes profound. It is your attitude.

The trivial and the profound are not two separate things. They are one, they are together, they are two aspects of one energy. Your life is trivia if you don’t look deep. If you start looking deep your life is profound.

It is a great insight. You say, “My experience of me is the most profound experience of my life. It is also the most trivial. Please clarify.” Don’t get confused. There is nothing to clarify. It is how life is: the trivial is the profound.

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