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Chapter 2: A Small Candle Is Enough

A few are coming to me because I have called them: they may know it, they may not know it. There is more possibility that they will not know it, at least not in the beginning. Only later on, as they become immersed into my commune, into my world slowly, slowly they will become aware that they have been called forth, just as Jesus called to Lazarus in his grave, “Lazarus, come out!” and he came out of his grave.

The life that you have lived has been life in a grave and I have called you. A few of you are being called; that’s why you are here. About these people I can say why they are here because I have called them. They have been with me for many lives: this is a long, long love affair with them. This is not the first time that they are with me: this is the last time certainly, because I am not going to come again. I have called them because of certain promises made in the past.

There are many kinds of people. A few have come just accidentally; but even though they have come accidentally they have a certain potential in them and their potential became involved with me. They were not coming consciously, they were not called - they were just passing by - but they got caught in the net.

A few have come for certain needs to be fulfilled. There are a few people who are in search of father figures; because Friedrich Nietzsche says, “God is dead,” and once God is dead man feels empty. The West is feeling very empty: God is dead, and God was the father, the permanent, eternal father.

It is not an accident that Christian priests are called “father,” although it is very strange because they don’t have any children, they are unmarried. It is a strange world: unmarried priests are called “father”! But it is perfectly logical, because the Christian idea of God is also without a woman. How do they manage it? God the Father, Christ the Son - at least let the Holy Ghost be a woman! But they don’t even allow the Holy Ghost! The trinity is not true: it is lacking something, it is missing something; the feminine energy is missing.

But at least God was there. If not the mother, God was there as the father, a protector. And people were feeling protected - whether there was a God or not was not the question, but people were feeling protected. And on the earth was the father, the priest and the pope - or papa - the great father, the highest priest. Pope also means father - papa, popa, pope, or whatsoever you call him.

But the Vatican has lost its grip on the West; the relationship between the pope and the West is only formal. Christianity has become a Sunday religion. And exactly the same is the case in the East: all religions have become formal. Now people are in search of a father figure.

A few people come because they are missing protection, they need protection. They will escape from me, because I don’t give protection. On the contrary, I take all protection away. They will escape because I don’t give any security; on the contrary, I take all security away. I give you insecurity, because to me insecurity is the right situation in which one grows. If there is no God, no father, the whole responsibility falls on your own shoulders, and it is good, it is perfectly good.