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Chapter 17: You Are Alive

Atomic and nuclear weapons should be completely converted to serve humanity. And go back before the First World War: those bombs and those airplanes are good. Whenever you feel an itch to fight, fight! Up to the First World War, I allow - then fight, it is perfectly good once in a while, a good exercise. But I am not ready to accept the Third World War. Every effort should be made to prevent it, and this is a beautiful chance.

Ethiopia, India, and other countries of the third world are on the verge; any moment there will be more Ethiopias. It is good we start transforming that energy into something positive and creative that can help these people who are dying.

If you cannot do it, remember my condition - if you cannot do it, then don’t unnecessarily try to pretend that you are Christians and Catholics and Protestants, and you are sending money and you are sending blankets, and you are sending clothes and food. It is not going to help, it has never helped before. This has been happening again and again through history.

Then rather be very clear and send medical teams so all the Ethiopians in one night go into eternal sleep. At least they will not be hungry tomorrow morning, and you will be at ease - Ethiopia will not be a troublesome problem for you. So I am giving two alternatives. And remember, my first priority is to stop nuclear weapons piling up more and more, and divert the whole money that you are wasting on nuclear weapons.

My second alternative is second: if that is not possible, then just simply accept the fact that we cannot save Ethiopia, but we can at least help them to die peacefully. We cannot help them to live peacefully, at least we can help them to die peacefully. And that will be really great compassion on the part of politicians. Rather than leaving those people starving, dying, being tortured by hunger. For four years there have been no rains, water has become almost impossible to get. Not only is food not available, water is not available.

And it is only in one country right now, but soon India will be joining it, because half of the Indian continent is starving. You will be surprised to know that the Indian prime minister is selling wheat to other countries: fifty percent of his own nation is starving and the wheat is being sold because he wants a nuclear plant in India. Can you see the stupidity of this whole thing?

May I change to a subject with a bit more fun?

You can change.

In the press conference you described your commune as a circus and yourself as a great showman, the greatest in the world. Were you mocking yourself and your commune? Why did you say it?

Again, you are bringing the past here. Forget all about that nonsense. Me, a showman? And my people a circus? I contradict it completely.

How would you describe it now?

Yes, there is no circus here. This is the only place where a circus is not happening.