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Chapter 25: A Great Surgery in the Right Hands

Because of this danger all the religions have been against hypnosis. The danger is certainly there. But I am not against hypnosis, because my own understanding is that if you start living out of fear - just because something is dangerous, you don’t do it - your life will shrink absolutely to nothingness. Each breath that you take is dangerous. It may be carrying a virus, any danger, any disease. Each love which you follow can lead you into insane confusion.

Why do so many people commit suicide, and why are so many people insane? They were not born to be insane, they were not born to commit suicide, but they got entangled in such a situation that they did something against their own better self.

I am all for hypnosis and I am all against the pseudo-masters. Rather than destroying the pseudo-masters, to destroy a valid science of awakening is sheer nonsense.

On your own you can also go into your deeper consciousness. That’s why we insist on meditation. Meditation is nothing but an effort to reach the same depths as hypnosis can make available very easily. And your experience - that listening takes you to deeper silences of the heart.Then even a hypnotic session.Maneesha right now is doing hypnotic sessions.

It is true: a man of integrity, a man who knows himself, his every word and his every gesture is hypnotizing; it is not different. People condemn me, and they are afraid to enter this campus.although their reason is absolutely absurd, but there is some truth in it.

I am not deliberately hypnotizing anybody, but if you get hypnotized, what can I do? Should I disturb you? You are moving so silently, so deeply into yourself.

It is nothing new. As far back as one can remember, people have gathered around masters, just to sit silently. In the East we call it darshan. The West has never understood the meaning of it. It looks stupid to say “I am going to see the master.” Why not have a picture in your house, and okay, go once and see and be finished! But every day going to see the master, are you mad or something?

The West has never understood that seeing - that is the actual meaning of the word darshan - means being in the energy field of a man who has come to know himself. To drink out of his well, to look into his eyes, to feel his hands, to listen to his silences, to his words. Everything, once you know yourself, strangely becomes an expression of the truth of your realization.

It happened, I was giving a meditation camp. It was my first meditation camp, far away, deep in the desert of Rajasthan in an old castle. A woman, very old, almost ancient, was known to thousands of people as one who has reached. She was uneducated, a poor woman, but she had thousands of followers and when I came to give the camp the woman said to them, “I know, but I cannot say. You all come with me to the camp.”

I had never heard about the woman. It was a seven-day camp. She came every day in the morning, sat silently, and after that, the whole day she disappeared into the cottage where she was staying. She did not participate in any other meditation.

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