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Chapter 7: Have Mercy and Not Sacrifice

Nasruddin said, “Okay, if you are so angry, I will not defend myself. But can I say one thing, just one thing?”

The man said loudly, “What?”

Nasruddin said, “That I am not married.”

Since that day that man is against Nasruddin.

Once I met him and I told him that since Mulla Nasruddin is not married, the whole thing is baseless. “Your whole argument is baseless. Why are you angry?”

He said, “It makes no difference, it is only a question of time. Wait, sooner or later he will be married and then I will be right! I am still telling the truth. It is only a question of time. Wait, my opinion cannot be wrong.”

People cling to their opinions - baseless - but still they cling. The more baseless the opinion, the more people cling to it. If it is based on right grounds there is no need to cling; it is true in itself. When it is baseless, your clinging is needed because only your clinging can become the base. Remember always, if you know something is true, you never get angry if somebody contradicts it. You get angry in the same proportion as you know it is not true. Anger shows that you have just a mere opinion, no knowledge.

People were very much against Jesus because he was ruining all their edifices. They were thinking their houses were built on rocks and just his presence showed them that their houses were built on sand, they were already falling. They jumped on him, they killed him. He was not killed by the political powers, he was killed by the pseudo-religious powers, by the priests.

This is my understanding: that if religion has disappeared in the world today, it is not because of science - no, it is not because of atheists - no, it is not because of rationalists - no. It is because of pseudo-religion. There is too much pseudo-religion and it is so bogus, phony, that only people who are phony can be interested in religion. People who have even an iota of reality will go against it, they will rebel.

Real people have always been rebellious, because reality wants to assert its being, to express its freedom. Real people are not slaves. Remember this, then we will enter into the sentences.

And as Jesus passed forth from thence,
he saw a man, named Matthew,
sitting at the receipt of custom:
and he saith unto him,
“Follow me.”
And he arose, and followed him.

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