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Chapter 1: Leaving the Mind Far Behind

Just today I have received a confirmation from one of the most well-known psychoanalysts of America: Dr. Brian Weiss, Yale Medical School graduate, nationally recognized expert in psycho-pharmacology, brain chemistry, substance abuse, and Alzheimer’s Disease, and Chief of Psychiatry at Mount Sinai Hospital, San Francisco.

He has been for years thinking to tell the world that psychoanalysis is dead, but could not gather the courage to go against the whole profession. But finally he decided to declare what has been his experience - his lifelong experience. In his book, Many Lives, Many Masters, Weiss wrote that psychoanalysis is in its death throes, that it is no longer practical, and the reason is that it has no spirituality in it.

Perhaps now psychoanalysts will pay attention.

I am not a psychoanalyst, but I am a postgraduate in psychoanalysis, in religion, in philosophy. I have never practiced psychoanalysis because I have never believed that Sigmund Freud had revealed a new path to man’s intrinsic spirituality.

I have heard: a man sold his donkey to another farmer, his neighbor, and he said in praise of the donkey that he was very wise, very intelligent, very hard-working. The neighbor who had purchased it tried hard, but it wouldn’t move at all. He said, “Strange.”

He called the man from whom he had purchased it. The man took a big staff and hit the donkey exactly on his forehead. The donkey moved.

The man who had purchased it asked, “You were telling me to be kind and be compassionate to this animal, it is a rare species - and you are hitting it so brutally.”

He said, “It is not hitting, it is just getting his attention!”

Perhaps Dr. Brian Weiss will have the attention - but I want to remind him that his approach is negative. He has found that psychoanalysis is missing something, but he does not know what. Just the word spirituality doesn’t mean anything. He has not yet found the positive element of meditation, of going inwards and remaining just a witness. Psychoanalysis may be dying, perhaps is dead; just the people who have invested their whole life in it and are exploiting millions of dollars out of it, are hiding the fact of its death.

But even Dr. Brian Weiss.although he has come to a right conclusion, his conclusion is still negative. He does not mention about meditation, he does not mention about witnessing, he does not mention anything about no-mind - which are the doors of spirituality.

His words, that psychoanalysis is missing spirituality, are bound to be misunderstood. That’s why I am saying these words. People will think spirituality means to join the Catholic church, become a Hindu, become a Buddhist, and you have become spiritual.

It is not so cheap.

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