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Chapter 27: Love Your Camel and Trust

Keep yourself always aware of it and you will never be miserable and you will never feel suffering; you will never feel despair, anxiety. A man of trust knows nothing of these things. These things are the experiences of the people full of doubt.

The skeptical mind is the worst calamity that can happen to anybody. Even if the whole of paradise is given to the skeptical mind, he will not be happy. He will always ask for more, and he will ask whether this is real or ephemeral, “Is it true or just a dream?” His doubts will not leave him even in paradise. Who knows, he has fallen asleep and is dreaming.

Now, here, who knows this is not just a dream?

But to the man of trust even a dream becomes a beautiful experience. To the man of trust even the dream does not create doubt, does not create skepticism. And Allah has nothing to do with it. Love your camel - I will not say tether your camel, because the tethering means you don’t respect your camel; you don’t respect your love towards your camel.

It happened in one of the universities where I was a postgraduate student. I shared my room with a friend. The friend was a kleptomaniac - just to steal.It was not that he was a thief. It was his psychological sickness; stealing was his joy.

In the West now, there is so much shoplifting that big shops are engaging psychoanalysts to treat their customers - mostly women who go on stealing things for no special purpose, but just because it gives such a joy that you deceived all those fools.

And my professor warned me, “You shouldn’t allow that boy to be your roommate.”

I said, “But nobody else is allowing him. And in fact there is no compulsion on me” - those rooms were single rooms - “but I feel sorry that he cannot get a place. All the rooms are full and nobody is ready to allow him.”

And I said, “I don’t need that much space.”

My professor said, “You don’t understand - he is a kleptomaniac, he will steal your things.”

I said, “About that you don’t worry. In the first place I came in this world absolutely naked and I will go from this world absolutely naked. In between it is sheer stupidity to think that you own something. I don’t own, I only use. And if he takes it away, there is no harm - he will use it.”

And I said, “It will be a great experience to live with a kleptomaniac, and I am always interested in every beautiful experience. This is a great chance - I cannot lose.”

That boy heard all this and he said to me, “You are strange! They are all right, it is true: I steal things.”

I said, “You don’t be worried, steal. Everything that belongs to me is yours from the very beginning.”

He said, “No! That means I cannot steal!”

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