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Chapter 41: The Psychology of the Buddhas

The West has not even started working upwards. It has not even finished the downward journey. And it is not just accidental that more psychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists go mad than any other profession. It looks strange: these people should be the sanest people - but you don’t see the complexity.

With their patients they are going deeper into darkness - and going with the patients, they are becoming vulnerable themselves. Seeing the patient has fallen from his conscious mind into the unconscious, they become aware of their own unconscious. Seeing the patient who has fallen into the collective unconscious, they become aware of their own collective unconscious. And it is like standing on the verge of an abysmal depth. Just a single wrong step and you will be drowned in darkness.

More psychologists commit suicide than any other profession: the proportion is almost double. More psychologists are sexually perverted than in any other profession. One should have thought just the opposite - that the people who know psychology, the workings of the mind, would be more natural, healthier, saner. But that is not the case, and the reason is that Western psychology has never looked upwards. It has never worked with meditators. It has never raised its eyes towards the sky; it is focused towards deeper and deeper, darker and darker spaces. They have not been studying healthy people.

In fact, why should somebody who is healthy go to a psychoanalyst? - and particularly somebody who has attained to super-consciousness. He will have a far vaster vision than any psychologist. He has nothing to learn from them; he can teach them many things of which they are absolutely unaware. The man who has reached to the collective super-consciousness has become almost superhuman.

But in the West, in the first place it was difficult to find such people. Secondly, where such people existed, the Western psychologists were afraid to go; their very existence disturbed their petty theories. They want to be very systematic - and then suddenly they come across a man who has a super-conscious mind. He disturbs their whole system. His functioning is different, his behavior is different, his actions are different.

He looks at the same things with a different eye. He listens to the same words, but with a deeper and profounder meaning. He lives the same ordinary life, but with such a joy, with such a radiance, that it is unbelievable. He has nothing to be so blissful about, but it cannot be denied that he is blissful.

The man of the higher stage - the collective super-conscious - will be a giant. Sigmund Freud, Carl Gustav Jung, Alfred Adler, Assagioli, will look like pygmies before him. And nobody wants to look like a pygmy. It is said, in the East, that camels don’t like mountains. Without the mountains around they are greatly content with their height, but by the side of a mountain the camel simply finds that he is nothing.

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