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Chapter 3: About Your Wilder Being

If you look into Freudian psychology, you will have a parallel. Freud says the first stage of the child is oral, the second stage is anal, and the third stage is genital. The whole Freudian psychology ends with the third. Of course it is a very poor psychology, very rudimentary, fragmentary, and concerned with the very lower functioning of human beings. Oral - yes, the child uses the throat center, just to receive. And once he has started receiving, his being moves to the anal.

Have you watched that a few people cling to the oral, even up to their death? These are the people you will find smoking; these are oral people. They still go on.. The smoke, the cigarette, the cigar, gives them a feeling as if something hot like mother’s milk is passing through the throat center; and they remain confined to the oral, and they cannot give. If a person is a chain-smoker, heavy smoker, almost always he is not a giver of love. He demands, but he will not give.

People who are smoking too much are always interested in women’s breasts.bound to be, because a cigarette is a substitute for the nipple. I am not saying that people who are not smokers are not interested in women’s breasts. Those who smoke, they are interested; those who don’t smoke, they are also interested - they may be chewing pan or gum or something else, or they may be simply interested in pornography - or they may be just obsessed by the breast continuously. In their mind, in their dream, in their imagination, fantasy, the breast.breasts and breasts go on floating all around them. These are oral people, stuck.

When Jesus says you have to be a child again, he means you have to come back to the throat center, but with a new energy to give. All creative people are givers. They may sing a song for you or dance a dance or write a poem or paint a picture or tell you a story. For all these the throat center is again used as a center to give. The meeting happens at the throat, of receiving and giving. The capacity to receive and to give is one of the greatest integrations.

There are people who are only capable of receiving. They will remain miserable because you never become rich by receiving. You become rich by giving. In fact you possess only that which you can give. If you cannot give it, you simply believe that you possess. You don’t possess it; you are not a master. If you cannot give your money, then you are not the master of it. Then the money is the master. If you can give it, then certainly you are the master. This will look like a paradox, but let me repeat it: you are the possessor only of that which you give. The moment you give, in that very moment you have become a possessor, enriched; giving enriches you.

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