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Chapter 5: Man Is a Myth

Gurdjieff used to talk about a future psychology. He used to say that psychology still exists not, because how can it exist? Even man exists not! When man is not there, how can there be a science about man? First the man has to exist, then the science about the man can exist. Right now whatsoever exists is not psychology. Maybe it is something about the machine that man is.

Psychology can exist only around a buddha. With consciousness, Buddha lives. You can find what his psyche is, what his soul is. Ordinary man lives without a soul. Yes, you can find something wrong in his mechanism, and that wrong can be put right. What we know as psychology today is nothing but behaviorism. And in that sense, Pavlov and Skinner are far truer than Freud and Jung, because they think man is a machine. They are true about the man that exists, although they are not absolutely true because they think this is the end, man cannot be otherwise. That is their limitation: they think man can only be the machine. They are true as far as the present-day man is concerned - man is a machine - but they think that man cannot be otherwise. There they are wrong. But Freud and Jung and Adler are more wrong because they think man is already on the earth; all that you need is to study man and you will know. But man is not there. It is a very unconscious phenomenon.

Man is a myth. Let that be one of the most basic insights. It will help you to come out of the lie, out of the deception.

Tantra is an effort to make you more conscious The very word Tantra means expansion of awareness. It comes from a Sanskrit root tan: tan means expansion. Tantra means expansion of consciousness - and the basic fact and the most fundamental fact to be understood is that you are fast asleep. You have to be awakened.

Tantra believes in school methods: that has to be understood also. In that sense Gurdjieff is one of the greatest tantrikas of this age. For example, if one is asleep, there is very little possibility that one can become awake alone. Look at it in this way: on the New Year day you think as you have always thought.and many New Year days have passed, and always you have taken a vow that never again will you smoke; and again the New Year has come and you start thinking this time it is going to happen. You take a vow that you will never smoke, but you don’t go and tell it to others, you are afraid to. To say it to others is dangerous because you know yourself, many times you have broken your vows; then it is very humiliating. So you keep it to yourself. Now there is only one possibility out of a hundred that the vow will be kept; ninety-nine possibilities are that it will be broken sooner or later.

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