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Chapter 2: On the Altar of the Real

Parents are in a hurry to give this layer to the child. They are in a hurry because they know the child has to exist as a member of a false society. It will be difficult for the child to survive without it; it functions as a lubricating agent.

This is a very thin layer, skin-deep. Scratch anybody a little and suddenly you will find flowers have disappeared, and rage and hatred and all kinds of negative things are hidden behind it. That is the second layer, negative but still false.

The second layer is thicker than the first. The second layer is the layer where much work has to be done. That’s where psychotherapies come in. And because there is a great negative layer behind the positive, you are always afraid to go in. Because to go in means you will have to cross that ugly phenomenon, that dirty rubbish that you have gathered, year in and year out, your whole life.

Where does the second layer come from? The child is born as a pure center, innocence, with no duality. He is one. He is in the state of unio mystica; he does not yet know that he is separate from existence. He lives in unity, he has not known any separation. The ego has not arisen yet.

But immediately the society starts working on the child. It says, “Don’t do this. This will not be acceptable to the society - repress it. Do this because this is acceptable to the society, and you will be respected, loved, appreciated.

So a duality is created in the child; on the circumference a duality arises. The first layer is the positive that you have to show to others, and the second layer is the negative that you have to hide within yourself.

The child is innocent. He is innocent in his love; he is innocent in his anger. He does not make a distinction. When he is in love he is in love, and he is totally in love. And when he is angry he is totally angry, he is just pure anger, hence the beauty of the child. Even when he is angry he has a superb beauty, grace - even in his anger, because the totality is there. Grown-ups, even when they are in love, are not so beautiful because the totality is missing.

We create a division in the child, each child. Our society has lived up to now in a kind of schizophrenia. The real humanity has not yet been born. The whole past has been a nightmare, because we divide the person into two: the positive and the negative; yes and no; love and hate. We destroy his totality.

These two layers are our split. The first layer is positive and false; the second layer is negative and false. They are false because only the total can be real. The partial is always false because the partial denies something, rejects something, and the denied part makes it false. Only in total acceptance reality arises.

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